Environmental Squad locates two stolen construction iron columns in Piracicaba

During janitorial actions in city squares yesterday morning (12), the Environmental Squad, of the Municipal Civil Guard, which accompanied a truck from the Department of Environment Defense (Sedema) in the action, located two construction iron columns, with 3.5 meters each on the jobsite next to Praça Antônio de Pádua Dutra, in Piracicaba.

On one of them was a tag from the warehouse that sold the columns. The team, made up of guards S. Almeida, Battagin, R. Santos and L. Fernando, called the warehouse and got the phone number of the engineer who owned the columns, which made it possible to locate the owner. The columns were presented to the Judiciary Police Unit and returned to the owner, upon presentation of the invoice.

The engineer, owner of the columns, reported that they were stolen from one of the houses where he is responsible for the construction.

Photo: Disclosure
Photo: Disclosure

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