“Excellent option”; Palmeiras fans forget De La Cruz and point out the ideal replacement for Gustavo Scarpa in 2023

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With Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros discarding the Uruguayan midfielder Nicolás De La Cruz, the player, who works in European football, appears as a good option to replace Scarpa, according to a good part of the Palmeiras fans.

Photo: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images
Photo: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Palmeiras remains shy in this transfer window. So far, Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros have signed Uruguayan Miguel Merentiel and Argentine Flaco López. Both will compete with Rafael Navarro for a spot in the starting lineup of coach Abel Ferreira. At first, the board should not bring anyone else and therefore Alviverde should play in the Copa do Brasil, Libertadores with the squad they have at their disposal.

It was even considered the idea of ​​Verdão going to the market after a midfielder with the imminent departure of Gustavo Scarpa, who last Sunday agreed to go to Nottingham Forrest, from England. However, shirt 14 complied with Leila Pereira and Abel Ferreira’s request and will stay at the club until December, that is, until the end of his contract. With that, the leaders defined that they will only look for another midfielder in the next transfer window.

The fans’ plan A until this Tuesday (12), was from Uruguayan Nico De La Cruz. However, the board has already stated, according to journalist André Hernán, that it will not bring the 25-year-old athlete for two reasons: the first is that the coaching staff understands that the professional is a second midfielder.. Another reason that keeps the midfielder away from River is that the high level of Palmeiras understands that the player will cost a lot and at this moment the club is more focused on maintaining financial austerity.

With that, many Palmeiras are looking to know who should be the future owner of Palmeiras’ number 14 shirt in 2023. And the crowd already has a new name: Bruno Tabata, from Sporting, from Portugal: “Cast remains short. Bring Bruno Tabata there so we can test a business”said a fan. “Bruno Tabata remains an excellent option, 10 and tip”evaluated another fanatic from Palmeiras.

Another member of the alviverde crowd advised Sporting de Portugal to make a switch: Gabriel Veron would go to the Portuguese team while Tabata would land at the Football Academy: “Hello, Sporting. Would you accept to exchange Bruno Tabata for this beautiful young man, the best under 17 in the world in 2017 and potential to be the new Rodrygo?”, joked a fan.

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