Find out what information about you Instagram has access to

O Instagram, like other social networks, collects and analyzes data regarding all user activities. In this sense, we list which are the information Instagram knows about you. However, be aware that part of the app’s access to this information depends on the usage permissions you grant.

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What information does Instagram know about you?

When a user creates an Instagram account, they accept the service’s terms of use. Many people do not read these terms, but the company makes it clear in the Data Policy what information is stored and how it is used.

In this sense, the rights to use the information are valid for an indefinite period and only end when the account is closed or when the content is deleted. Here are a few things Instagram knows about you.

1. Profile Information

It may seem obvious, but it’s good to remember: Instagram has access to the same profile information that its followers see. That is, your full name or nickname; your personal websites; links from other social networks and business data, in the case of people who disclose what their profession is.

2. Your location

Instagram knows the user’s location and through which device the network was accessed. This is possible because the app asks for permission to view mobile data. Furthermore, this information is also collected when you mark the location in the posts you make.

It is worth noting that, despite being able to disable location information, apps like Instagram request this type of information even as a security feature, in order to protect the account from possible intrusions.

3. Cookies

Instagram stores all cookies with your permission. Also, the app knows all the apps and websites that you have logged in and visited with the social network account. Another thing Instagram knows is your preference for products and ads that you see off-network.

4. Shared messages and media

Although conversations are private, Instagram knows everything you send to your contacts in private chat. With this, the words are read by the algorithm and can be used as data for preferences. Consequently, the display of content also takes place from this information.

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