Flamengo plays Paraíso with the best performance since 5-0 at Grêmio – 07/14/2022

The mood was one of revenge at Maracanã. After two defeats to Atlético Mineiro by Jorge Sampaoli, even with the conquest of the Brazilian in 2020, a victory for each side the following year, but without the expected encounters in the cups, and the two titles of the Minas Gerais team

After seeing the Supercopa do Brasil escape in a long penalty shootout, with several chances to define, and two more consecutive defeats a little less than a month ago at Mineirão, Galo was stuck in Flamengo’s throat.

Gabigol left talking about “hell” in the 2 to 1 of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, the direction of the opponent “capped air” issuing a note of rejection and the fans bought the idea. Even with the invasion of Maracanã and stones on the Atletico bus, condemnable and practically inevitable violence in major events in an increasingly tense, dangerous and militia-oriented Rio de Janeiro.

The atmosphere, however, was one of support for a fickle team, which did not convey confidence. But with the memory of the moments of spectacle in the 7-1 over Tolima and the repetition of the lineup to seek the rematch against the current Brazilian champion and the Copa do Brasil.

And Maracanã witnessed the best red-black performance since 5-0 over Grêmio in the Libertadores 2019 semifinal, still under the command of Jorge Jesus.

Overkill? Try to remember Flamengo’s similar performance since then in a big game, with strong symbolism. Three years ago, the mission was to unseat the team of the most quoted coach to take over the Brazilian team if Tite was fired from the CBF. Tricolor South American champion in 2017 and semifinalist the following year, only falling to champion River Plate in a tough confrontation, including with the gauchos winning in the first leg at Monumental de Nuñez. cupbearer team.

With Jorge Jesus, Flamengo still shone in 2020 in the 3-0 over Athletico for the Supercopa do Brasil, in winning the Recopa Sudamericana with the same score over Del Valle, playing with one less for almost 80 minutes and, in new 3-0 victory over Barcelona de Guayaquil, in the “farewell” of the team led by the Portuguese in front of the crowd before the pandemic, for the second round of the Libertadores group stage.

Under the command of Domènec Torrent, the 4-0 over Del Valle. With Ceni, the comeback by 4 to 2 over Grêmio in Porto Alegre, but already in the final stretch of the decadent work of Renato Gaúcho. Fla coach in several 2021 wins, but none with great imposition, always in random mode and depending on individualities. With Paulo Sousa, the goalless draw with sterile dominance over Palmeiras by Abel Ferreira was the most notable performance in a forgettable spell.

The 2-0 over Galo in the pulsating Maracanã came out very cheap for the visitors. He could have scored the “cincum” twice, in a universe of 21 shots, 14 from inside the area and seven on target. Again lacking the force to beat the great goalkeeper Everson more times.

The Atletico of “Turco” Mohamed does not pass confidence and the fall in relation to the work of Cuca is clear. The mobilization to cross with the great national rival, however, made the team, in the three previous clashes, overcome, playing above the 2022 average.

On the way back he was simply swallowed up and didn’t finish once in the direction of Santos’ goal. Because Flamengo was more organized in the 4-3-1-2 of Dorival Júnior. With sacrifice from Gabigol, Pedro and Arrascaeta to never leave the team defending with only seven men.

With the ball, Everton Ribeiro was the key player, again as an old-fashioned midfielder: on the right, with Thiago Maia planted as a midfielder and João Gomes lined up on the opposite side. The number seven invariably received a free kick in a space between Guilherme Arana, Allan, Zaracho and Nacho Fernández. None of the four knew who to put pressure on him.

By the time they arrived, the ball had already been passed to Rodinei, again flying down the aisle, or one of the three furthest ahead. And the red-black game flowed, with maximum intensity in the movement of the ball and in the lose-press. He could have opened the scoring with a kick by Arrascaeta and a header by Pedro, but Everson saved it. Or the shots again weren’t so accurate as to not give the rival goalkeeper a chance.

The goals were “cryed”. De Arrascaeta, the first needing the cart to turn Pedro’s assistance into a ball in the nets already in the extra time of the initial stage. It would be absurd for Flamengo to leave for halftime just drawing. The team still needs to be stronger.

As it was when Atlético looked for reaction in the second half, with Ademir coming out of the right and approaching Hulk and Zaracho and Nacho as midfielders on the sides in a 4-4-2. In the dead ball, again with Pedro participating and the Uruguayan diving for a header and the ball barely crossing Everson’s goal line. suffered.

Everything became more manageable with the dismissal of Junior Alonso after a foul in Marinho, who replaced the exhausted Pedro. One of the many individual highlights in a team that leveraged talent with great collective work.

Still unable to fully trust Rodinei and Léo Pereira, counting on David Luiz and Filipe Luís concentrated and well physically only in games with huge mobilization and needing to be more effective in more even disputes, without so many chances created or given up.

But that left Maracanã in ecstasy and touched Paradise in a magical and electric night. Knocking down annoying obstacle, putting the dreaded Hulk in your pocket. Converting “hell” into a party in the stands and on the field. A tune that wasn’t so strong for a long time and now fills fans with hopes for better days.

(Stats: SofaScore)

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