Harry Potter movie cuts Hermione’s best moment from the books

Harry Potter had a good movie adaptation. However, it was not a perfect fit. Several iconic moments from the books were completely cut.

It was the case even with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the beginning of the saga. In the books, Hermione is the highlight of one of her most brilliant scenes.

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However, for some reason, that scene was cut. It is possible that the producers felt that the plot should be more direct.

Or it may have simply been a matter of length, given that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is already quite long.

Great scene that was missing

We’re talking about the scene where Harry and Hermione are trapped in a room of fire, and she has to solve a puzzle, created by Severus Snape, to figure out which potion Harry should take to take him through the flames.

This is a great moment in the books, which shows how smart Hermione was from a very young age. It would have been fun to see that scene in the adaptation, but it didn’t.

As Hermione herself says, many wizards are brilliant, but they don’t understand anything about logic. In Hermione’s case, luckily, she’s smart in a lot of ways, even this one.

In the movies, Emma Watson played Hermione Granger. The actress received praise for the role, being considered the perfect choice for the character.

Harry Potter movies are available through HBO Max.

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