iPhone 15 Pro Max should be the only one in the line with a periscopic camera, says analyst

Apple should be the last to adopt a periscopic camera for optical zoom among the main smartphone manufacturers in the world, and still leave it exclusive to just one model in 2023: the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Informant and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo brought news about the 2023 iPhone. According to him, even though Apple was one of the first with a telephoto lens in smartphones, it should be the last to join the wave of cameras with periscopic zoom lens high approximation optics.

Kuo says that the brand should finally adopt this novelty in a smartphone next year, but only on the iPhone 15 Pro Max – with that, the iPhone 15 Pro should remain with the common telephoto lens with 3x zoom already used so far.

Apparently, the periscopic camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max should be able to reach a 6x optical zoom, still behind the Galaxy S22 Ultra that brings 10x zoom, with a 12 MP sensor and Sensor-Shift stabilization directly on the sensor.

At that six times magnification, it should have an optical zoom that’s twice as big as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has a 3x lens, and three times as much as the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s first optical zoom camera released in 2018. 2016

The analyst also says that Apple should bring the feature to the two Pro in the following year. That is, in 2024 it is possible that both the iPhone 16 Pro Max and the iPhone 16 Pro will bring a periscopic lens. It is important to note that few smaller smartphones have a periscopic lens, and this is one of the possible reasons for it to take another year to reach the 6.1-inch iPhone.

Anyway, this year the novelty will be the iPhone 14 line. It must be the first time that Apple adopts a perforated screen instead of the wide notch, in addition to the cameras gaining improvements, such as a 48 MP rear sensor and a focused front automatic. It is worth remembering that all these news are expected only in the “Pro” versions, with the “common” models gaining only occasional improvements compared to the 2021 devices.

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