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The sentence signed by judge Luiz Alberto Carvalho Alves, of the 3rd Business Court, accepted all the arguments of the commission, understood that what happens between club and members can be considered a relationship between company and consumer and determined that Vasco “make available, in advance, a copy of the contracts and other documents that are linked to the corporate operation of incorporation of SAF CRVG”.

Directors of Genoa, a club that belongs to 777 Partners, accompany Vasco’s training — Photo: Rafael Bizarelo/ge

In addition, the decision suspends the internal rite of approval of the SAF, which means that the Deliberative Council and the General Assembly are prevented from calling the votes “without first providing the referenced documents”.

If Vasco does not open the contracts, the daily fine will be R$ 5 thousand. In the case of suspension of the rite, the fine will be of R$ 100 thousand “to the manager, director or legal representative who practices the summoning act”.

“By analyzing the facts and documents attached to the file, the probability of the plaintiff’s right is evidenced, since the plaintiff has the right to information in a broad and clear way. The danger of damage is characterized by the risk of summons and approval of the business without due caution and prior knowledge about the contract to be performed”reads an excerpt from the judge’s decision.

Alex Teixeira is announced, and Nenê returns to training at Vasco

Alex Teixeira is announced, and Nenê returns to training at Vasco

Sought, Vasco replied that “does not comment on actions in progress”. At the moment, the club awaits the analysis of the Special Commission, which should issue an opinion on the agreement with 777 Partners in the coming days. Based on this opinion, the Deliberative Council would convene a meeting for the councilors to consider the matter. The final word will be the members voting at the Extraordinary General Assembly – the club hoped to hold it no later than July 30th.

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