Luciano Huck buys phenomenon painting and summons star to present

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Luciano Huck invests heavily in Domingão’s success with Huck

O Sunday with Huck debuted in September last year, after the sudden departure of faustão from Globo and, even though I struggled with the audience at the beginning, Luciano Huck has been conquering its space on Sundays and in the hearts of viewers.

Recently, the traditional reality show Dança dos Famosos was presented for the first time by Luciano Huck, resulting in an exponential increase in Sunday numbers.

In order not to drop the shuttlecock, Luciano Huck has now bought the rights to the international attraction Lip Sync Battle. According to columnist André Romano, from the TV Observatory website, the idea is for the Domingão commander to share the presentation of the painting with none other than his wife, the presenter Angelica, so that it remains faithful to the original format.

Luciano Huck returned to surprise live on Globo (Photo: Reproduction)

Luciano Huck steps on a participant in the audience, loses his balance and screams for help: “I’m going to fall”

Luciano Huck doesn't control himself, exposes Murilo Benício's intimacy and gives his relationship with a journalist

Luciano Huck doesn’t control himself, exposes Murilo Benício’s intimacy and gives his relationship with a journalist

Luciano Huck and his daughter, Eva - Photo: Reproduction

Luciano Huck’s daughter, Eva, joins the Dança dos Famosos and the public is euphoric with what she does: “It can’t be”

Lip Sync Battle (Photo: Playback)
Lip Sync Battle (Photo: Playback)

In the American version of Lip Sync Battle, well-known names around the world such as Justin Bieber, Anne Hathaway, Terry Crews and Ricky Martin.

The proposal of the new painting acquired by Luciano Huck is to bring famous people to participate in a competition of well-known dubbings. Globo intends to put its cast of actors and presenters to perform and, it seems, the first participants will be for actors who are part of the cast of Pantanal and some former BBBs.

About Angelica

According to information from columnist Felipeh Campos, of A Tarde É Sua, led by Sonia Abram on RedeTV!, Angélica would be being probed by SBT and would have already received an irrefutable proposal to Silvio Santos. The idea of ​​the broadcaster owned by the Baú is to put the blonde in a time and format that once belonged to another famous blonde: Hebe Camargo.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Angelica confesses betrayal in relationship + New presenter of the Meeting

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