Man finds ‘treasure’ buried since the 1930s

While renovating an old house, a man from New Jersey, USA, was surprised to find $1,000 in 1934 bills buried under the porch area. The value is equivalent to more than US$ 20 thousand with inflationary corrections, in addition to the fact that they are old notes and therefore more valuable.

However, the new owner of the “big money” does not intend to spend it and still imagines that the money is the result of illegal activities.

Rich Gilson and his wife, Suzanne, bought a country house built in the 1920s in the town of Wildwood about four years ago. They have since made structural changes, such as adding a new foundation.

In an interview with local newspaper, Gilson reported that he was using an excavator to remove parts of the old foundation on Friday, when he found a pair of strange objects.

“I thought they were weeds,” he said. “At first I didn’t care much for them, so I picked them up and threw them aside in a pile of garbage.”

But curiosity finally caught the owner of the property who on Saturday (9) had to suspend work, because of a storm. Soon after, when he resumed the renovation, the objects caught his attention and he realized that they were a bunch of rolled up papers and tied with rubber bands.

“They looked like little mini-cigars all tied together. As I took it apart, I started to see what was inside the wrapper,” Gilson said. “I looked at the edge and there was a green tint: ‘That’s money!'”.

He also pointed out that the notes were located under the floor where the old house’s porch used to be. It is estimated that the money was placed in an area that was only accessible by the crawl space, which, however, was buried over the years.

“It’s likely that someone had to crawl down there and dig a hole in that crawl space.”

In a post on Facebook, Suzanne Gilson stated that the amount found in her home is equivalent to a total of US$ 1 thousand (about R$ 5.4 thousand), formed by US$ 10 and US$ 20 bills, were printed. in 1934.

According to her husband, this amount is equivalent to US$ 20,000, but from the way it was hidden, he suspects that the money may be linked to illegal activities.

My feeling is that something went wrong. Somehow, someone got the bills, rolled them up like this, put them under the house so no one would find them.

Despite the mistrust, Gilson said he intends to keep the money and does not intend to spend it.

I don’t see myself spending that fortune. The story is too good for what the money is worth.

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