NVIDIA prepares to cut the price of high-performance RTX 30 cards

The decision reinforces indications that the company is trying to avoid having to deal with excess inventories of its products.

Amid reports that the NVIDIA is having trouble dealing with the current inventory of RTX 30 cards available on the market, the company seems ready to announce this week a price cut on high-performance models. According to sources consulted by Benchlife, the manufacturer should announce by the end of this week significant reductions in the amounts charged for models such as the RTX 3080, RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3090 and RTX 3090Ti.

The decision should affect only the company’s most powerful models, and there is no sign that the input and intermediate options should be readjusted at the moment. The most significant reduction would be that of the RTX 3090Tiwhich would go from $1,999 for $1,499reducing its total value by $500.

The other models produced by the company, on the other hand, would suffer smoother cuts, which range from $100 to $200 at their recommended prices. Even before NVIDIA’s announcement, international retailers like New Egg, BestBuy and even the official store of EVGA have already started working with the new values:

  • RTX 3090Ti – From $1,999 to $1,499;
  • RTX 3090 – From $1,499 to $1,299;
  • RTX 3080Ti – From $1,199 to $1,099;
  • RTX 3080 (12GB) – $799.

New prices to take effect later this week

According to VideoCardz, the most important reduction seen so far is in the databases of BestBuyNVIDIA’s only authorized reseller in the United States. The store is already listing the RTX 3090Ti Founders Edition for $1,599 — a value slightly higher than the manufacturer’s new recommendation.

Benchlife states that while the new recommended prices are expected to take effect later this week, there is still no specific date for this to happen. It is worth noting that the adjustments must mainly affect the default models of GPUswith versions with factory overclocks or alternative cooling solutions being able to carry higher markings.

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If the change is confirmed, it will help to feed the Rumors That NVIDIA May Have To Deal With Overstock Issues With Its New Generation RTX 40. With the cryptocurrency market crashing, not only is the market for used RTX 30 GPUs exploding, but the price and availability of new hardware is stabilizing — which, added to orders for new products that exceed consumer market demand, creates a situation that can be quite problematic for the manufacturer.


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Via: VideoCardz Source: BenchLife

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