Pink is fashionable! Barbiecore: the trend that highlights looks with color:

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Barbiecore: here’s proof that pink is the darling of the time among fashionistas

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Total pink look: combine shirt with front tie and pantalona pants

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Different shades of pink can compose a Barbiecore-style production

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Pink leggings with built-in boots were featured in Kim Kardashian’s Barbiecore look

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Barbiecore: combination of crop top and high-waisted pants set the fashionista tone in Dualipa’s outfit

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Lace and pink combined in the production of Dua Lipa

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Valentino’s show was marked by the Barbiecore trend

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Barbiecore: glitter and turtleneck connected in Anne Hathaway’s outfit in the trend

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Metallic in pink is a sure bet to join Barbiecore

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Gloves and dress in the same shade of pink left Lizzo’s look very Barbiecore

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Platforms with giant heels is a hit in the Barbiecore trend

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Long, flowing dress makes for a more sophisticated all-pink look

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A short mini dress set the tone for the Barbiecore trend in this outfit

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Look with volume and mini length is right on the Barbiecore trend

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Barbiecore: Sabrina Sato’s outfit with glitter and wide pants adheres to the trend

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Barbiecore: elements with chains and gold combine with pink rose in a unique and charming way

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Barbiecore in an urban and fair look: Kim Kardashian is on the list of celebrities who joined the trend

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