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Iman Fellani plays the lead role Kamala Khan in the latest Disney+ series streamed through the MCU, Mrs. marvel. In the show, the teenage heroine finds herself in possession of a mysterious bracelet that is worn on her wrist. When Kamala puts it on, it unlocks fantastical superpowers, giving her the ability to create compositions made out of intense light. And, of course, being a huge fan of the Avengers, the young Lady Khan is totally obsessed with a Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, who she looks up to and finds inspiration in.

Warning – the remainder of this article contains spoilers for Mrs. marvel Episode 6 “No Normal”.

In the mid credits scene Mrs. marvelIn conclusion, when Kamala collapsed onto her bed, probably after a hard day of criminal fighting, the bracelet began to glow. In an unexpected twist, Kamala disappears in a chaotic strip of lights, leaving a confused and shocked Carol Danvers in place, with a surprising surprise from Brie Larson.

Now, many fans have speculated that the bracelet somehow turned Kamala into Carol, and one of the show’s producers has an answer to that theory.

Get out, Kamala Khan. Come in, Carol Danvers


according to Mrs. marvel showrunner Bisha K. Ali (via Bound), is the real Carol Danvers from Brie Larson standing in Kamala’s room in the post-credits scene in Episode 6, debunking fan theories that Kamala somehow turned into the Avenger:

“This is Carol Danvers in Kamala’s room. What you see is exactly what you think you see. That’s it, there’s no magic there. All I can say next is enjoy the movie in a year.”

Of course, Ali is referring to the next MCU movie, wonders, What is confirmed as the two characters’ next appearances and will answer questions as to why and how they switch places.

Credits from Ms.  Marvel Post explained

Ali’s confirmation of the exchange, as opposed to the change in form, was confirmed by Marvel’s Official Website, which posted a piece summarizing the scene in question:

Later, Kamala collapses on her bed and calls her mother from downstairs saying that she doesn’t seem to be doing her homework. Kamala groaned, when she realized that the bracelet on her wrist was glowing. Taking a closer look at her, she was suddenly sucked in by an unknown force, resulting in the wardrobe door being destroyed. And when the dust settles, Captain Marvel gets up and takes a look around Kamala’s room and all her pictures, posters and pictures are taped to the walls. Oh no .”

When asked if she was on set when Larson filmed her appearance, she responded by saying she wasn’t, but mentioned that seeing Carol on the show itself was. “unbelievable:”

“I wasn’t there when she was filmed, but seeing her was great! Also, her new suit looks so good with how she coordinated with Kamala. It was delicious! The joy of seeing her standing in Kamala’s room is indescribable. it was perfect. This was a place where Kamala is for safety and where she expresses herself. So to see Captain Marvel in that space, there’s a lot of joy in that scene.”

Finally, answering a question about whether the Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel swap has anything to do with it Kamala’s alleged status as a mutant, the writer concluded that the answers fans are looking for are there wonders:

“Everything will be revealed in the movie. I was excited to help prepare all these puzzles for you that will lead to the movie as the story continues.”

The theory has its basis in Mrs. marvel comics

Ms.  Marvel Post credits Brie Larson

The Kamala Khan version that appears in the pages of the Marvel comics Powers very different from the MCU character. In the books, Mrs. Marvel is a polymorph, capable of stretching and deforming his body in various ways, like Fantastic Force Red Richards. She is also capable of shrinking and growing, similar to Ant-Man, and can even change her form to resemble others.

Of course, with Marvel Comics’ Kamala being a total Captain Marvel fan, she’s decided to transform into her heroine at various points. So it’s very likely that this is the precedent on which fans base theories for Episode VI.

Kamala, Carol and WandavisionMonica Rambo will star in a feature film 2023, wonders. Not much is known about the film regarding plot details, but the villain will be played by Zawy Ashton. Maybe your character is responsible for sending Kamala who knows where?

One might also wonder where exactly she sent Kamala. Given the nature of Carroll’s duties, it’s entirely possible that Khan fell right into the middle of a battle between two warring alien species. Will it be over her head? It is important to remember that at only 16 years old, Kamala Khan is a young woman capable of developing her good instincts and controlling her powers while Mrs. marvelSix episodes of the season.

Perhaps all this has something to do with the Kamala gene mutation? It seems unlikely, as the change indicates a connection between Kamala and Carol and the latter is not a mutant, having acquired her abilities from the explosion of an Infiniti stone-powered engine.

In the words of Bisha K. Ali, all these puzzles will already be solved when Marvel Studios wonders It hits theaters on July 28, 2023. Plus six episodes Mrs. marvel They are now streaming exclusively on Disney_+.

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