Rooster: video shows Daronco’s conversation with Hulk and Atlético speaks out

A video circulating on social media shows a conversation between referee Anderson Daronco and striker Hulk, during Atlético’s 0-0 draw with São Paulo last Sunday. The player, when leaving the field, stated that he was threatened by the referee.

In an interview with several vehicles, in the mixed zone of Mineirão, after the ball stopped rolling, Hulk assured that Daronco threatened him. “When the game was over he said: ‘be careful what you say outside’. I said ‘why?’ and he replied ‘because it’s not the last game I’ll referee for you’. Is that a threat or not? I don’t know. In front of my four children, it was the conversation I had with him there”, guaranteed the athletican.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday (13), Atlético, in its official profile on Twitter, asked the referee for explanations. “Images from the game between Atlético and São Paulo, last Sunday, confirm Hulk’s statements after the match, referring to the conversation between the athlete and the referee Anderson Daronco. The word is with you, Daronco!”, posted the club, charging a position on the referee.

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