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Striker on the side of the field, with Serie B baggage and 30 career goals, striker Dalberto is Paysandu’s new hire for the remainder of the 2022 season. The player arrives in Belém in the coming days and will be another offensive option for coach Márcio Fernandes.

Revealed by América-RN, the 27-year-old striker has stints with teams such as ABC, Mirassol, Londrina, Sampaio Corrêa, Juventude, Chapecoense, Sport and Coritiba. This year he got it right with CSA, but played only 20 of the team’s 43 matches so far – 13 as a starter. He only scored three times with the Azulão shirt.

Dalberto celebrates a goal for CSA against Bahia, in the 2022 Series B — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

According to the website ogol, Dalberto has 30 career goals.

Dalberto is right-handed and plays on the wings (preferably on the right), but he has had opportunities as a centre-forward. With that, he becomes another option for a position still lacking in the bicolor team. One of the top scorers of the season, Danrlei suffers from physical conditioning, while Marcelo Toscano and Pipico are unable to score.

On the wings, the player will have competition from Marlon, Robinho, Serginho – midfielder who works on the right wing -, Marcelinho, Dioguinho and Alessandro Vinícius, the last three being little used by Márcio Fernandes.

Dalberto helped Sport get rid of relegation in the 2020 Serie A — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

The new bicolor striker has experience in Série B. He has played in the second national division for América-RN (2012), ABC (2017), Londrina (2018), Sampaio Corrêa (2018), Juventude (2020), Coritiba (2021) and CSA (2022).

In 2020, he helped Juventude at the beginning of the campaign to access Serie A, but changed the club in the final stretch of the second and transferred to Sport, where he had a good participation in ridding the Pernambuco team of relegation in the Brazilian elite.

A regular player, Dalberto didn’t have a good time at Coritiba last year. He played only 15 matches and did not score any goals. In September, he ended up being spotted at a party and was removed from the team, returning in the final stretch of Serie B.

Dalberto did not have a good time at Coritiba — Photo: Coritiba

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