The series about a girl who is sent away for being a rebel is one of the most watched series on Netflix today

summer turmoil is an Australian teen drama series that recently arrived on Netflix and is making the biggest hit.

A lot of people have already been running to watch and are loving it, so much so that it is among the most watched series on the platform today.


In the series, we meet the irreverent and rebellious teenager Summer Torres (Sky Katz). Summer lives in Brooklyn, New York and ends up getting kicked out of school.

As punishment, her family believes her best chance is far from the megacity, so they send her to friends in Australia.


Now, Summer finds herself trapped in the small seaside town of Shorehaven. Despite fighting her feelings, little by little Summer falls in love with the vibe of the place.

After getting close to a group of surfers, she falls in love with the small town, starts to admire the people who live there and, above all, connects with the sport like never before.

You will like it too!

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