The White Lotus (Season 1, 2021, HBO Max)

The White Lotus is an American series produced by HBO. The series tells the story of the paradise resort The White Lotus located in Hawaii and a group of visitors in particular. starring Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario and Connie Brittonthe series takes us through seemingly unreal, absurd dramas that make us angry at all times.

The 20 Emmy-nominated series acts as a satire that takes us on a surreal journey into the absurdities of the world of wealth throughout its six episodes.


Guests’ vacations at a tropical, idyllic resort called The White Lotus take a different turn when every family has to deal with complicated issues. Over the course of a week, employees and travelers will engage in an unexpected narrative that engages everyone on site.


The White Lotus

The series presents us with elements that leave us incredulous from its first moments. In addition to the lack of awareness and detachment of the reality of its protagonists, the series allows us to sympathize with a small portion of the actors who represent people close to the reality of their viewers.

If the series doesn’t bother you, I’m sorry to tell you that the series is not for you.

The White Lotus works as a satire that invades its viewers and hurts in countless aspects familiar to its viewers – who feel and understand the problems of a society represented in the series – and also make them understand several problems related to this culture and a society focused on all the time for yourself, never for others and how others feel.

The series is a scathing critique of people who take sides for individuals and social causes far from their realities, but refuse to change what’s wrong around them. The famous social media activists, or the critics who refuse to act for what is right.

Interspersing between four cores as it unfolds, the series in its first episode deliberately decides not to address one of the arcs that would be interesting for the plot, and instead address arcs that revolve around a family – which is divided into small cores and plots -, and a recent couple, a woman who lost her mother and the people responsible for managing the resort.

These cores develop slightly well – if we completely ignore the annoyances mentioned above – and reach the end of the plots as they started, without any kind of evolution or personal growth. On the contrary, these characters started to evolve as the plots progressed – with the exception of the character of Jennifer Coolidge.


The White Lotus

Being sustained almost entirely by its actors, and not by the script – the story that stops being interesting there in the middle of the third episode – ends up holding us in one of its first revelations: Finding out which of the characters is inside the coffin of the first episode .

The White Lotus does not support itself as a television medium, but it fits into what many refer to as an experimental series, causing viewers annoyance and provoking them all the time. The series was nominated for 20 Emmy categories and the second and third seasons have already been confirmed.

4.0 / 5.0

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