With Palmeiras and other clubs, Cruzeiro lists more than R$62 million in debts discussed at the CNRD; see relationship | cruise

Cruzeiro listed in the petition for the request for Judicial Reorganization – granted by the 1st Business Court of Belo Horizonte – the debts it has with football clubs and professionals that are delivered to the contingency folder at the CNRD. In all, there are more than R$ 62 million in discussions.

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These are cases that Cruzeiro predicts that there may be a loss in the legal dispute and that it will have to pay in the future. The list, in addition to goalkeeper Fábio (with the highest value among the creditors in this specific list, with R$ 20,706,715), has other former employees of the club, such as coach Mozart, striker Pedro Rocha and Chilean side Eugênio Mena. .

The list also has clubs, which complain about debts, but there is no detailed description. Case of Vitória, which has R$ 8,011,406 associated with the complaint to the CNRD. The complaint relates to the acquisition of David. It also has Palmeiras as a creditor with R$ 1,497,345.

Pedro Rocha; Cruise — Photo: Publicity/Mineirão

Santa Cruz, in a dispute already known to the CNRD for the transfer of the sale of Raniel to São Paulo, commands a claim of R$ 3,900,000. Other clubs in Series A and B also claim values. Atlético-GO has BRL 500,000 under discussion, while Criciúma has BRL 400,000 due to the negotiation of side Marcelo Hermes.

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Volta Redonda is also another one that charges Cruzeiro. The club has a dispute of R$ 1.7 million for the transfer of part of the sale of midfielder Caio Rosa to Al Shabab, from the United Arab Emirates. Voltaço claims to have a rights-sharing contract, in which it would guarantee 50% of the value.

Orejuela, from Cruzeiro — Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

In addition to the cases in the CNRD, Cruzeiro recorded that there are other clubs as creditors. Among the main cases are Ajax, from Holland, with R$ 5.8 million; Ubaense, with R$ 2.27, due to the negotiation between defender Cacá and Japanese football; Desportivo Brasil-SP, with R$1.6 million, and Athletico-PR, with R$1.29 million. Portuguesa also has R$ 1 million.

Other traditional clubs listed are: Sport (R$ 800 thousand), São Paulo (R$ 699.3 thousand), Corinthians (R$ 521.1 thousand) and Vasco (R$ 258.6 thousand).

The list of creditors carried out by Cruzeiro also brings, in addition to goalkeeper Fábio, players and coaches who have passed through the team. Case of striker Pedro Rocha, listed on two occasions. One from the player himself with R$3,005,557, another from Rocha Neves Negócios Desportivos with R$2,469,893. There are approximately R$ 5.5 million in player complaints, currently at Athletico-PR.

Coach Mozart, who passed through Cruzeiro in 2021, is also in the survey in two complaints. One from the coach himself and another from the company MA Santos Batista Junior – ME. The values ​​of both listed cases are the same: R$ 229,494.

Mozart, Cruzeiro coach — Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

Chilean side Mena is also named as a creditor of R$ 2,100,000. The striker Airton, who passed through the club between 2020 and 2021, is listed with R$ 1,772,815. The side Giovanni Palmieri is also on the CNRD list with R$ 478,202.

The CNRD survey of contingencies still includes companies and agents that are listed as Cruzeiro creditors. Some are from famous Cruzeiro negotiations, such as midfielder Thiago Neves and side Edilson.

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List of Cruzeiro creditors in “CNRD contingencies”:

  1. Fábio: BRL 20,706,715
  2. Win: BRL 8,011,406
  3. Pedro Rocha e Rocha Neves Sports Business: BRL 5,475,450
  4. Santa Cruz: BRL 3,900,000
  5. FM Assessoria e Intermediação de Negócios em Geral LTDA: BRL 2,590,000
  6. Eugênio Mena: BRL 2,100,000
  7. Airton and ARF Assessoria: BRL 1,820,815
  8. M9 Sports: BRL 1,800,000
  9. Round Round: BRL 1,700,000
  10. World of Football Advisory 1,650,000
  11. OTB Sports: BRL 1,500,000
  12. Palm trees: BRL 1,497,345
  13. TFM Agency: BRL 1,360,000
  14. Jorge Barbieri: BRL 1,208,708
  15. HWS Eireli Business Intermediation: BRL 649,500
  16. Osasco Futebol Clube: BRL 624,900
  17. MFD Empreendimentos e Participações: BRL 561,921
  18. GR2 Management and Marketing: BRL 540 thousand
  19. Atlético-GO: BRL 500 thousand
  20. Sports Management Fatto: BRL 483,023
  21. Giovanni Palmieri: BRL 478,202
  22. Mozart and MA Santos Batista Junior – ME: BRL 458,988
  23. Criciuma: BRL 400 thousand
  24. Macar Consulting: BRL 382,708
  25. R13 Fussball Agenciamento Esportivo LTDA: BRL 240,045
  26. Brasil Internacional Sporting (BIS): 205,737
  27. Rio Branco-SC: BRL 195,611
  28. GR Martínez: BRL 186 thousand
  29. ABC-RN: BRL 112,518
  30. Bragantino: BRL 98,769
  31. IREC SPORTS: BRL 51,300
  32. LL Sports Consulting and Agency: BRL 21,461
  33. Clube Atlético Desportivo – Ribeirão Pires: BRL 5,804

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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