Adriano Imperador talks about the end of his career, makes a strong outburst about the pain of a famous in football and says: ‘We suffer’

In participation in the podcast Podpah, Adriano Imperador commented on the dilemmas, pains and the end of his career as a professional athlete

Hadrian Emperor was the guest of the podcast podPahat the youtube, this Thursday (14). As usual, he showed a unique sympathy that carried him through his career and made good statements. In the final stretch of his participation, Adriano made it clear what he thinks about retirement and why.

“I decided. It’s not because I don’t like to play ball, I wasn’t feeling that desire anymore. To this day I limp by my tendon. I preferred to walk away. I knew it was going to be tough around me. So, since I’ve conquered some things as a player It’s about time I walked away. I don’t think the press would understand if I played below what I knew, whether I wanted to or not, it gets in the way, the tendon gets in the way a lot. You know what, it’s better to move on with my life.”

“Many times (I played with pain). People and the media don’t understand that we have the human side. We suffer like everyone else. If the athlete prefers to take a break or stop, it’s because he really feels something that’s bothering him. He has to respect that. If he wants to follow a different way of life, he has to follow it. Is it difficult? Yeah. It’s not easy to just let go, it’s a difficult decision to make. We’ve been since we were little and then let go, it’s a decision that you have to take it for sure so you don’t suffer after that”.

Adriano Imperador is 40 years old. and played his last professional game in 2016, when he defended Miami United.

In his career, he was an idol for Inter Milan and Flamengo. He also accumulated a good time at São Paulo, in addition to having worn the shirt of Corinthians and Athletico-PR in Brazil.

For the Brazilian team, Adriano lived his peak between 2004 and 2005. In 2004, he scored the goal in the Copa América final against Argentina and the following year he shone in the Confederations Cup, held in Germany.

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