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Published 07/15/2022 17:05 | Updated 07/15/2022 17:05

Audiovisual can be a strong ally of nature preservation and for this reason, a special program was set up to mark the National Forest Protection Day. The date was chosen because it coincides with the Curupira Daya figure from our folklore who presents himself with his head on fire – like our forests victimized by fires and walks, with his feet turned back – as our policies of environmental protection and inspection are regressing.

Invisible City
the character of Fábio LagoCurupira is taken from our folklore and portrayed in “Cidade Invisível”, one of the great successes of Netflix. The streaming company has just announced the recording of the second season of the series with Rio de Janeiro as the backdrop.
The plot shows the investigation of an environmental inspector, played by Marco Pigossi, about the death of his wife. In the chapters, his path interacts with the myths of our folklore.

Defense Sunday
To help with the reflection process, the National Forest Protection Day will receive a special program on the national grid of the NatGeo channel, a space highlighted in the Disney+ streaming and a special podcast broadcast by the main audio players. Among the stars summoned for this July 17, Greta Thumberg and actors Leonardo de Caprio and Will Smith.

Greta – The National Geographic production brings the saga of a young Swedish woman who travels the world fighting climate change and defending environmental preservation. the documentary Greta Thunberg: The Future Is Today is directed by Jordan Hill.

Leonardo DiCaprio – The award-winning actor and UN Messenger of Peace, star “Will we be history?” in which he invites the public to reflect on how society can prevent the disappearance of endangered species on the planet. The content denounces the worsening of the environmental crisis that is causing irreversible damage, destabilizing the climate balance and accelerating extinction. Among those interviewed by DiCaprio are: former US presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clintonin addition to Pope Francisas well as world-renowned researchers and scientists.

Welcome to Earth – Presented by the actor Will Smith, this production takes the viewer to travel through unimaginable and magical corners of the planet, showing that there is still much to be discovered. It is a production made for the streaming platform Disney+.

Impact – The series presented by the renowned actress Gal Gadot follows the story of six women in the struggle for environmental preservation. From Brazil to Puerto Rico, the public can dive into this adventure and better understand issues that threaten our environment and what we can do to help.

wild Brazil – To understand the importance of preserving the nature of our country, nothing better than knowing it. The documentary series produced by National Geographic explores the Pantanal, the biomes and the Brazilian coast, in addition to presenting the wonders of our nation’s biodiversity.

Nat Geo

To mark this Sunday’s special schedule, the seventh and final episode of Nat Geo Podcast, presented by André Carvallhal. The chapter focuses on the regeneration process and the paths to the preservation and renewal of forests and biomes.
The production is part of the campaign “What You Do Matters”, which seeks to raise awareness of the importance of collective action for the planet. All episodes can be heard on Radio Disney’s website, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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