Botafogo: Luís Castro admits difficulties with injuries, intends to fulfill his contract and is optimistic that the team will play better

Luís Castro gave another good and strong interview. After the 2-0 defeat to America-MGin the elimination of Botafogo to the Brazil’s Cupthe Portuguese coach shifted focus to Brazilian championship and praised the crowd for their support.

– Let’s focus on the championship, where we are in tenth. Let’s try to hold on in this difficult time, if possible with everyone’s support. The moment is really difficult for us, complex, motivated by several things that are public, small number of players, but it is our reality. We need the support that the fans gave throughout almost the entire game. They didn’t ask me about support from the crowd, but there was a very strong support. What caught your attention was the boo. We often cause confusion and chaos in football, then hypocritically say that football is all wrong. And who puts things right? I’m not saying that there were no boos, but there was also very important support, which we have to praise, as we were coming from 3 to 0. In the end, we were booed, and very well booed, because we didn’t achieve the goal we wanted and the fans wanted,” explained Luís Castro.

The coach mentioned that he made several changes to the team, but regretted the amount of injuries.

– We have traveled several paths throughout the season, all of this motivated by the great instability we have of players at our disposal. Talking about evolution can be behavioral. We’ve had cycles of victories, defeats, games without losing. Shows alternation throughout the season. A team that evolves naturally does not have these alternations. Can we have stability with the number of injuries and player removals? This is impossible for any team. What hurts me the most in football is injustice. I don’t get euphoric when I’m praised, but I don’t get deep down when I’m criticized either. My players have worked a lot, they are very dignified, they give themselves a lot to work. Of course, the quality of the game is not what I want, it’s not the same as what I had in my last works. I want quality of play and I am confident that we will achieve it. But it’s difficult, one comes in, another comes out, we are without some players, in the next game we don’t have full-backs, we don’t have Cuesta and Carli, we don’t have Patrick de Paula and Kayque. This analysis can be done by you too. In the last game we didn’t have any forward on the bench. You have to say this, all the truths. I am determined to follow the path, I will continue until I fulfill my contract, you can increase the pressure cooker. Do you know where I got pressure? When I had to support my parents with cancer every day in the hospital, it was like being with 300 children in need in an association. Pressure of losing a game for me? For God’s sake,” said Luís Castro.

Despite admitting the difficulties, he plans to have a team playing more soon,

– I am a very optimistic person. Even when the sky turns black, I think the sun will pass and come. I don’t have players for the next game, I go with others, I have others. We have to fight as hard as we can and go looking for points. That’s how I look. It seems that with the arrival of four players there will be a magic wand and we will become a team. When it happens, nobody will want to know if they have time or not, they will say they already have the players. When I have it, and everyone is integrated, we will produce better football. Today we have produced better football, we lost, but not everything was black. We hope to play much better and have a lot of joy with our fans.”

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