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Cruzeiro’s list of creditors brings a survey of how the 2019 relegation weighs on the mining club’s labor and tax liabilities. In the presentation of the report to have granted the request for judicial recovery, the Minas Gerais team revealed a sum of more than R$ 177 million of relegation characters.

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The list includes labor liabilities, liabilities from image rights contracts and other financial pending issues listed. In some cases, Cruzeiro managed to reach agreements in the Labor Courts. In no case was the amount paid off or the legal dispute ended.

In the list delivered by Cruzeiro, players, coaches, head coaches’ assistants and also club officials in 2019 are included. In some cases, such as players and coach Adilson Batista – who continued after relegation -, there are pending issues included from 2020 and 2021. There are also cases of athletes who participated only in part of the campaign.

Thiago Neves and Fred regret the penalty missed by Cruzeiro — Photo: Twitter/Mineirão

In the list, Cruzeiro’s biggest declared debt is with striker Fred. There are R$ 48,261,447, of which R$ 25 million are from the agreement reached in the Labor Court. Goalkeeper Fábio is on the list of creditors with the associated value of R$ 20,706,715 and is the second with the highest amount.

The list is followed by Dedé (R$16 million), Dodô (R$15 million) and Thiago Neves (R$10 million). All of them with legal agreements with Cruzeiro. They are followed by defender Léo (R$ 9,644,695), side Edilson (R$ 9,275,602) and goalkeeper Vinícius (R$ 6,431,875), who left the club this year, without ever having played for the professional .

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The list includes athletes who participated only in an initial part of the 2019 Brasileiro campaign. Argentine Lucas Romero (R$547,641) and defender Murilo (R$190,348), both traded in the middle of that season.

Cruzeiro has a debt of more than R$ 500 thousand with Lucas Romero — Photo: Vinnicius Silva/Cruzeiro

In the request for judicial reorganization, the Justice defined two judicial administrators to work together with the Judiciary: Acerbi Campagnaro Colnago Cabral Sociedade de Advogados and Credibilita Administracao Judicial e Serviços. They have until this Friday to comment on whether they accept the appointment and, thus, assume “with immediate assumption of functions and duties”.

The Justice also determined that, in the next 180 days, all enforcement actions against Cruzeiro be suspended. The Minas Gerais club listed the liability at R$537 million in the petition.

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Check out the list of creditors for Cruzeiro’s downgrade:

  1. Fred: BRL 48,261,447
  2. Fábio: BRL 20,706,715
  3. Dede: BRL 16.6 million
  4. Dodo: BRL 15 million
  5. Thiago Neves: BRL 10 million
  6. Leo: BRL 9,644,695
  7. Edilson: BRL 9,275,602
  8. Vinícius: BRL 6,431,875
  9. Egidio: BRL 4,300,000
  10. Marquinhos Gabriel: BRL 5,633,274
  11. Mano Menezes: BRL 4,695,961
  12. Rodriguinho: BRL 3,859,308
  13. Rogério Ceni: BRL 3,035,580
  14. Pedro Rocha: BRL 3,005,557
  15. Sassa: BRL 2,780,493
  16. Ariel Cabral: BRL 2,508,240
  17. Robinho: BRL 1,791,600
  18. Ezekiel: BRL 1,564,500
  19. Rafael: BRL 1,552,171
  20. Henrique: BRL 1,488,017
  21. Marcelo Djian: BRL 1,227,160
  22. Abel Braga: BRL 1,135,461
  23. Sidnei Lobo: BRL 1,056,180
  24. Lucas Silva: BRL 770,419
  25. Joel: BRL 768,538
  26. Adilson Batista: BRL 732 thousand
  27. Lucas Romero: BRL 547,641
  28. Marcone Barbosa: BRL 455,368
  29. David: BRL 322,488
  30. Cacá: BRL 250 thousand
  31. Murilo: BRL 190,348
  32. Mauritius: BRL 75 thousand

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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