Dakota Johnson plays a feminist heroine in Persuasion, the new Netflix novel

Persuasion is the new drama and romance movie from Netflix starring Dakota Johnsonfamous for having played Anastasia Steele in the franchise movies Fifty Shades of grey. Carrie Cracknell is the director.

The film is based on the book by Jane Austen and tells the story of Anne Elliota single woman who cannot understand modern sensibilities and adapt to her times while living with her snobbish family on the brink of bankruptcy.

When reconnecting with an old flame, when Frederick Wentworth return to your life, Anne you must choose between leaving the past behind or listening to your heart and trying to give love a second chance.

a feminist heroine

According to critic Noélia Rios, Dakota Johnson’s character is a feminist heroine for her time, and that’s down to the director. Carrie Cracknell:

“Carrie Cracknell has found a way to capture a contemporary protagonist of modern times, transforming her into a feminist heroine. In any case, the truth is that this decision by the creator would not have been possible without the great work of Dakota Johnson.”


And keeps going:

“Dakota Johnson, who puts herself in Anne Elliot’s shoes, represents an empowered woman who is easy to connect with. Although in some ways she shows her desolation, the truth is that this character in the film is a reflection of the feminist freedom that is lived today, but that is simply adapted to the moment in which the story is told.

On the other hand, the production has been very successful in getting the protagonist to break the fourth wall by interacting with viewers.”

While this completely departs from what is seen in the book, where the novel has an omniscient story, i.e. in the third person, of how the film was adapted, it is a big plus point.

Persuasion premieres Friday, July 15th on Netflix.

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