Englishwoman falls on subway track and survives shock due to boots

A woman was saved from a fatal shock on the London Underground tracks thanks to the boots she was wearing. Tegan Badham, 21, was in London for the first time with her friend Hannah Smith, 21, and suffered burns to her back, legs and arms after tripping and falling on subway tracks.

While she was stunned from the fall, the boot’s rubber sole served as insulation from a fatal electrical shock. With a train pulling up to where she was lying, a young man bent down to pull her to the platform.

Tegan reported to The Sun that even her hair extension was fried.

I was in agony, I could smell my own flesh burning and my new dress withered with electricity. Even my hair extensions were fried. It all happened so fast, but a man grabbed my arms and pulled me up. I just have to find him, he saved my life.

She stated that she was unable to identify him after the incident. “I was too shocked to thank him, he was taking the train that entered the station. I was so lucky that he bravely reached out to me… Without him I would be dead right now. He had light brown blond hair and maybe in his 30s. He didn’t want to leave me, but his friends were telling him to take the train,” Tegan said.

The woman said that even the doctors did not believe she was alive.

The paramedics couldn’t believe I had survived, one of them said, ‘We thought we were coming to get a body’.

She was released from the hospital and is now at home with her mother Louise, 53, and father Mostyn, 74.

Tegan thinks it’s “amazing” that the boots escaped without a scratch, but wants to retrieve what fell on the subway track, like a cell phone and sunglasses.

A spokesperson for Transport for London expressed regret over the incident involving the girl. “We are sorry to hear that a customer suffered injuries following a fall on the Victoria Line runway and we would like to thank everyone who helped her. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.”

tegan told The Sun that despite having been drinking on the train to the English capital, she was sober at the time of the crash.

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