Intel reveals Arc A750 GPU performance in 5 games: faster than RTX 3060

Company board fared better in Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Borderlands 3, Fortnite, and F1 2021

Intel released a video this Friday (15) in which it shows the still unpublished Arc A750 GPU outperforming RTX 3060 in at least five games: Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Borderlands 3, Fortnite and F1 2021.

Intel announces “Innovation” event for September with possible CPU presentation

Based on the ACM-G10 processor, the model promises performance up to 17% better than the GeForce RTX 3060, taking into account a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The comparison, presented by Ryan Shrout, responsible for marketing at Intel Graphics, makes it clear that the difference only takes into account the games mentioned above.

Relative performance considers average FPS

To arrive at these numbers, Intel took into account the average FPS when playing games with the two GPUs. In F1 2021, the company’s card achieved the best performance in the comparison, sustaining an average 17% higher in frames per second. The smallest difference recorded was in Fortnite, with 6% more compared to the competitor.

Intel Arc A750 vs.  GeForce RTX 3060

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“The performance results shown here are from a small subset of the games, which work very well with Intel Arc and the Alchemist architecture. I’m not claiming that every game will show these results, but it’s a vision of what Intel Arc A-series boards are capable of doing with the right software,” explained Shrout.

It is also worth noting that Intel called the Arc A750 the “Limited Edition” in the video, but has not yet revealed details of what this means, that is, we do not know if there are or what are the differences between this GPU and an eventual conventional edition.

Intel warns chip price will rise

Based on rumors, the expectation is that the card will have 24 Xe-Cores and 12 GB of GDDR6 memory. The company has already confirmed that the GPU will have two power connectors, one 6-pin and the other 8-pin, which suggests a consumption in the range of 225 W.

Intel Arc A750 graphics card is officially presented for the first time

Intel Arc A750 graphics card is officially presented for the first time
GPU appears in A380 test made by the Gamer Nexus channel


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Source: Intel Graphics/YouTube

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