Italians Say They Lost More Than 11 Million To Bitcoin Sheik | Brazil

Francis da Silva is known as

Francis da Silva is known as “sheik”, in Paraná

The default that would have been applied by Rental Coins, a bitcoin rental company owned by Francisley Valdevino da Silva, investigated by the Curitiba Court, crossed borders. Two Italian investors lament having lost a lifetime of savings by investing in Francisley’s business, called by friends the bitcoin sheikh. Giorgio Cambiaghi, a 73-year-old retired engineer, said Rental owes him 2.1 million euros. Businesswoman Amina Barosi, 50, claims a debt of 170,000 euros (R$910,000).

The two Italians, both from Milan, believed in the investment on the recommendation of a friend, whose name they preferred to keep secret, and after verifying in the lease agreement that Rental was headquartered in London. For them, Francisley’s business, or Francis da Silva as he likes to be called, was international and trustworthy. Giorgio and Amina guarantee that in the group of Italians that took the default there are more than 10 people.

Giorgio said he made two investments, in April and July of last year, totaling 803,000 euros. As he never removed the monthly amount from the rents, believing that the accumulation of values ​​with the promised interest of 13.5% per month would increase his earnings, he estimates that the debt today is 2.1 million, a value that leaves the Italian “from accelerated heart”:

“I’ve been retired for three years, after working my whole life, until I was 70, inheriting a mechanical industry from my father. As it was a signed contract, I thought it was a good investment. It looked like an international company, because it had London as a reference. It never crossed my mind that it was a pyramid. I invested all this because I sold a house of my own. I could be doing very well.”

Amina Barosi, who works in confectionery and patisserie in Milan, also invested personal resources in Rental in June 2021. She contributed the money from the sale of a house she had received as an inheritance, attracted by the interest of 13.5% monthly:

“My goal was to finance my daughter’s university course and, if there was money left, to invest in the personal dream of dedicating myself to the arts. At the time, I had a lot of trouble withdrawing the money from my Italian bank. My manager warned me about the risks . He threatened to call my family and closed my account. I regret not having listened.”

Giorgio Cambiaghi said that the dream with the financial return was “to do something more, to help in the social field”:

“Today, I am extremely ashamed. If only my son had known.”

Another investor, from the same Italian group, but who prefers anonymity, said the Italians made a mistake in not submitting a copy of the contract to lawyers. They felt safe after receiving the documents signed by Rental. Today, part of the group appointed a lawyer in Brazil, Jeferson Brandão, to sue Francis da Silva in court. In an interview with GLOBO, the owner of Rental Coins guaranteed, however, that he will reimburse investors and denied having set up a “pyramid”. According to him, payments will begin in October.

Francis da Silva responds to an inquiry by the Federal Police of Paraná on suspicion of committing a crime against the national financial system.

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