John Travolta is already flying his newly purchased Boeing 737

Travolta’s 737-300 – Photo by 鍾鄭諺 via Flickr

One of the most successful actors in American cinema, John Travolta, 68, is a noted aviation lover. His mansion in Ocala, Florida, is located in a condominium with one of the largest private airstrips in the United States – at 2,300 meters – and there he usually keeps the machines he pilots.

In March of this year, the actor published the information that he had completed the certification to fly the Boeing 737 and that, through his company, he was acquiring a unit of the model. A few weeks later, the jet has been seen flying the USA and has now made its first international flight.

A photo of this most recent flight was shared by Irish photographer Donal Morrissey, who captured the aircraft during a stopover at Shannon on the cloudy morning of July 9. See below Morrissey’s tweet with the photo of the aircraft.

aircraft history

The actor, who became world-renowned for the classic movie “Saturday Night Fever”, once had a Boeing 707 in Qantas colors in his collection, and flew with it from his private airstrip. In 2019, he ended up getting rid of the 1960s aircraft, donating it to an Australian museum.

However, his fleet did not decrease in size, as he acquired this other aviation classic, the Boeing 737-300, shown in the photos of this article, which previously belonged to Las Vegas Sands, a giant in the casino business and owner of the hotels- Excalibur and The Venetian casinos, as well as others in Macau, Taiwan and Singapore.

Las Vegas Sands has a large fleet of VIP planes, including a rare Boeing 747SP, and in 2007 it purchased the 737-300, registration N788LS, built in 1988 for Danish airline Maersk Air (the same shipping container company). When he arrived at the casino company, the regular seats were taken away and given way to a VIP setup.

In February of this year, the plane was purchased by Constellation Productions, which belongs to John Travolta, and is based in Jacksonville, Florida, near the actor’s mansion. The aircraft was registered N327JTwhere the “JT” immediately refers to its owner.

Flights on the new property

According to data from tracking platforms, the first flight made by the aircraft, already under the ownership of John Travolta, took place in April, when it took off for the first time after many months parked, having followed to Atlanta and, later, Ocala, where the actor’s home is located. Since then, only two domestic trips had been made to the US during the month of June.

THE MOST RECENT FLIGHT, however, was much longer. He took off from Orlando on July 9, passed through Goose Bay (Canada) and then Shannon (Ireland), before proceeding to Athens, where he stayed for two days. Then it took off to Dubai and Malé, in the Maldives, where it stayed for another three days and is scheduled to take off to Athens on July 15th.

There is no immediately available information about the aircraft’s occupants or the actor’s presence aboard this week’s flights.

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