Merciful, Abel asks Veron not to waste talent

Palmeiras had two clear chances to kill the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, last night (14), but saw Gabriel Veron stop in Jandrei, and Verdão ended up eliminated by São Paulo on penalties. Before that, however, the young man who was filmed drinking at a club just two days before the decision had already assisted in the match. Right or wrong, Abel Ferreira will not give up on the 19-year-old striker.

According to the Portuguese coach, Veron wants to be helped and this was fundamental for the commander’s decision to select him in the team that had several problems forming the attack, since Rony was low because of a muscle injury in his left thigh and Rafael Navarro too. suffered a thigh injury, while Merentiel and Lopez are yet to play. Abel believes that shirt 27 is one of the many Brazilian players who suffer from mental problems.

“They say God is merciful. I’m the same. For me, people have to have opportunities in life. I don’t give up on my players. None. We’ve all been 19 years old. Brazilian players are by far the best I’ve ever played.” technically, but mentally, there is a lot to evolve in terms of education and training as a man. They don’t have this training, they have no idea what they’re doing. Our role, in addition to being a coach, is to educate”, said the Palmeirense commander.

“Brazil lacks a lot in the formation of men, this starts at school, in the family we have at home. We have to educate the man. I’m not a coach to hang, curse or insult players. to want to do. I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I believe he wants to be helped and has extraordinary potential”, added the Portuguese, after the fall against São Paulo.

More than just giving the player another chance, Abel sees the future of Palmeiras in Gabriel Veron and other youngsters. Portuguese does not speak specifically about the countryside, but mainly about the financial issue. And in order to keep Alviverde healthy, he needs to hone the talents he has and form them as men.

“That’s what betting on training is. When the lioness goes with her children to the jungle and they can’t hunt, she has to hunt for them. We are the same. They are the future of the club. Palmeiras has a way to go and it’s This one. Betting on young people, realizing that they are going to make mistakes and pulling them up. Today was that, it gave an assistance. What I hope is that each of us makes mistakes is that we ask the three magic questions: what did what happened mean? , what I can learn and what I’m going to do next time. I hope Veron doesn’t waste the talent he has”, he asked.

Verdão returns to the field on Monday (18), at 8 pm, to receive Cuiabá, at Allianz Parque, for the Brasileirão.

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