Palmeiras goes to CBF against Vuaden and VAR performance against São Paulo

Palmeiras will send a letter to the CBF today against the arbitration of Leandro Pedro Vuaden and the performance of VAR, in the 2-1 victory over São Paulo, yesterday, at Allianz Parque, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil – despite the triumph , Alviverde was defeated on penalties and left the competition. The information was initially conveyed by the ge and confirmed by the UOL Esporte.

In the opinion of the leaders of Palmeiras and the coaching staff of Abel Ferreira, the referee used different criteria in marking Gustavo Gómez’s penalty in Calleri and in not marking a possible penalty by defender Diego Costa in Dudu.

In the 27th minute of the first half, Dudu invaded the area from the right side and tried to dribble the São Paulo defender. Shirt 4 uses his right arm to obstruct the striker, but Vuaden, who was close to the move, sent the game on.

The VAR of the match did not call Vuaden to check the bid and kept the field decision. In the second half, the video helped the referee in the bid involving Calleri. After reviewing the bid, Vuaden reversed the decision to score the Argentine’s hand touch and confirmed the penalty for São Paulo.

Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras, commented, in the press conference after the elimination, what he understood to be a lack of criteria by VAR and Vuaden.

“One minute before there’s the penalty, in the next move there’s the opponent’s penalty that VAR scored, not Vuaden. And we have a penalty of the same level in the first half with Dudu. Each does the best he knows and can with the resources you have”, said the Portuguese coach.

This is not the first time that the name of Vuaden has been involved in controversy in the games of Palmeiras. In October last year, in a defeat against América-MG for the Brasileirão, Abel was unhappy with the referee’s performance and asked him not to whistle any more Alviverde games.

“I have nothing against it, but I wish you [o Vuaden] do not whistle Palmeiras. Against São Paulo, a clear penalty for Luiz Adriano and he didn’t see it. Today, red straight at the man who missed Ron. There are factors that greatly influence the result. Amateur refereeing”, said the coach at the time.

Palmeiras returns to the field next Monday (18), against Cuiabá, for the Brasileirão, at 20h (GMT), at Allianz Parque.

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