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Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused on Thursday to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi amid a political crisis that could lead the euro zone’s third economy to hold elections. advance.

Understand what happened and what path the government of the European country can take:

Why did Draghi resign?

The prime minister announced his resignation before the Council of Ministers, after the 5 Star Movement (M5E) abstained on Thursday from voting on a motion of confidence on a fundamental decree-law, considering it contrary to its principles.

The rejection of the anti-system is mainly due to the fact that the decree, which includes measures to help families and companies against inflation, also contains a project to build a garbage incinerator for Rome. The latter has its strong opposition, considering it expensive, polluting, inefficient and outdated in terms of technology.

“The majority for national unity that supported this government since its creation has ceased to exist. The pact of trust, on which this government’s action is based, has disappeared”, explained Draghi, upon announcing his resignation.

President of Italy Sergio Mattarella speaks at the Quirinale Palace in Rome in February — Photo: Paolo Giandotti/Presidential Palace/Handout via Reuters

How did President Mattarella respond?

“I do not accept the resignation and I invite the Prime Minister to present himself, again, before Parliament”, declared Mattarella, in an official statement, which is why it is not ruled out that, next week, Draghi will obtain the support of a new majority. to continue ruling.

According to some analysts interviewed by AFP, the head of state refused to accept the resignation of the prime minister because he is opposed to bringing forward the legislative elections, scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

It is likely that Draghi, who had to face the vaccination campaign against covid-19 and the crisis generated by the Russian war against Ukraine with all its political and economic consequences, will be invited by Mattarella, who, as president, performs the function. arbiter of politics in Italy, to form a new government.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Announces Resignation

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Announces Resignation

A fall of the government would cause a lot of uncertainty, at a difficult time, due to rising inflation and the necessary and still pending reforms for the recovery plan financed by the European Union, of around 200 billion euros.

The Milan Stock Exchange reacted to political events with a drop of more than 3% on Thursday, amid nervousness in the markets.

Was an impasse enough to bring down the governing coalition?

Draghi was invited in February 2021 by President Mattarella to lead a heterogeneous coalition that brought together almost all the parties represented in Parliament, with the aim of facing the country’s economic and social crisis.

Therefore, he reiterated – as he had already explained on several occasions – that without the support of the M5E anti-system, he would end his term, even if he had enough votes in Parliament, both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, to continue governing.

“Since my inaugural speech in Parliament, I have always said that this Executive remains in power only if it has the clear objective of implementing the government program that the political forces approved with a vote of confidence (…) These conditions do not exist. more today”, assured Draghi, again, this Thursday.

Winner of the 2018 elections with 32% of the votes, the anti-system party is in full decomposition. Many of its parliamentarians (about 50) emigrated to other acronyms and, therefore, it is trying to attract its electorate again, with an eye on next year’s electoral race.

“We have to respond to the growing social unrest in a clear and decisive way. We are not the ones who are irresponsible, we are the ones who do not give the country an answer”, guaranteed Mariolina Castellone, representative of the M5E senators.

“Today we do not participate in the vote on the decree-law, because we do not share its provisions (…) nor the method by which it was adopted,” he added.

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