Rebeca disputes Pan without Baile de Favela: “Athlete is not a robot” | artistic gymnastics

Rebeca Andrade attracted all eyes at the podium training session at Arena Carioca 1 on Wednesday. The Olympic champion gave a preview of what she will present at the Pan American Artistic Gymnastics Championships this Friday. The show in Rio de Janeiro, however, will not have the Baile de Favela. The 23-year-old gymnast will stay off the floor to spare her right knee, which was operated on for the third time in 2019. She explained the decision. Sportv 3 broadcasts the subdivisions of Brazil live this Friday.

– The athlete is not a robot. We have problems. We always want to be at 100%, but I don’t think anyone is like that. Everyone has a very good week, a worse week. It’s part. It’s understanding and accepting. That’s what I’m doing today and thank God the people who work with me understand that. I really enjoy doing this series. Rhony (Ferreira, choreographer) brought it as a surprise, and I helped him assemble it. It was a series that I connected to, because I helped put it together. The public liked it. The referee liked it. When I don’t, everyone misses it, including me – said Rebeca.

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It was precisely at last year’s Pan-American Championship that the Baile de Favela enchanted the Brazilian fans and sealed Rebeca Andrade’s spot for the Tokyo Olympics, although the series debuted in 2019. After winning two Olympic medals in Japan – silver in the all-around and gold in the vault -, the gymnast only presented the floor at last year’s Brazilian, just over nine months ago.

– The technical team sees that it is essential that I take care of my body. It’s very important, because I’m not 15 anymore. My body has been through several injuries, several surgeries. So if we don’t take care of him, I can’t make it to the end. Of course I’m prepared, because I train in the gym, but it’s different to arrive and put in competition. It’s wear and tear that I feel I don’t need right now. I’m ready, if I was asked to do it, I would, but is there really a need? Could I have arrived at the Worlds much more prepared if I didn’t do it now? So that’s what we have to focus on. We understand the importance of competitions and my desire to do it, I will always want to do it, but I also like to talk to myself, to feel my body, to sit down and say: “Rebe, are you really feeling good about doing it? Do you think your body is ready? Are you ready? Do you think you need to?” Thinking about giving the best up front – explained Rebeca.

Rebeca Andrade at the gymnastics Pan — Photo: Ricardo Bufolin/CBG

The gymnastics Pan in Rio is qualifying for the Liverpool World Cup, at the end of October, when Rebeca intends to return to performing on the floor. It could be the farewell to Baile de Favela, as the choreography reaches the limit of four years of exhibition.

– I’m sure I’ll miss you a lot. The Favela Ball brought me very good things, so it will stay forever in my memory, in my memory, on the internet. I don’t have any songs in mind yet. I don’t know if Rhony will make another surprise.

Rebeca Andrade at the gymnastics Pan — Photo: Ricardo Bufolin/CBG

In addition to Rebeca Andrade, Brazil will count on Flávia Saraiva, Lorrane Oliveira, Christal Bezerra, Júlia Soares and Carolyne Pedro at the gymnastics Pan. In the men’s team, the team will be formed by Arthur Zanetti, Arthur Nory, Caio Souza, Diogo Soares, Lucas Bitencourt and Patrick Sampaio.

Carolyne Pedro, Rebeca Andrade, Lorrane Oliveira, Júlia Soares, Christal Bezerra and Flávia Saraiva — Photo: Ricardo Bufolin/CBG

Gymnastics Pan schedule

Friday (15/07)
8:30 – 10:05 – Women’s Subdivision 1 – United States and Panama
8:50 – 11:10 – Men’s Subdivision 1 – Colombia and Cuba
11:10 – 12:45 – Women’s Subdivision 2 – Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico
11:30am – 1:50pm – Men’s Subdivision 2 – Dominican Republic
14:20 – 15:55 – Women’s Subdivision 3 – Chile, Venezuela and Colombia
14:40 – 17:00 – Men’s Subdivision 3 – Canada, United States and Puerto Rico
17:00 – 18:34 – Women’s Subdivision 4 – BrazilArgentina, Canada and Mexico (sportv 3)
17:20 – 19:40 – Men’s subdivision 4 – Venezuela, Chile and Argentina (sportv 3)
20:00 – 22:15 – Male subdivision 5 – Brazil and Mexico (sportv 3)

Sunday (7/17)
10:00 – 11:40 – Women’s team final (sportv and TV Globo)
16:00 – 19:20 – Men’s team final (sportv 2)

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