Russia wants to create its own graphics engine for games and simulations

The engine would be an alternative if Unity and Unreal Engine became unavailable in the country

While names like Unreal Engine and the unity are usually associated with the world of games, graphics engines are also used in areas ranging from cinema to creating simulators. Given the importance of technological solutions, Russia seems to be preparing the development of alternatives to themin case they are no longer officially offered to local developers.

According to discussions on Reddit, the information intelligence community operating in the country is holding constant meetings with the Ministry of Digital Development to try to deal with the situation. The current objective seems to be the creation of a “home graphics engine” that could be developed with the help of state funding.

The concerns make sense given the the country’s growing “international pariah” status after President Vladimir Putin initiated the invasion of neighboring Ukraine. This resulted in the end of local activities by companies such as IBM and Microsoft and the stopping the receipt of remittances from companies such as TSMC — which forced the country to try to revive its local semiconductor industry.

New engine would require restarting projects

According to a report by the Polish website XGP, even the development of a Russian engine would result in major problems for professionals working in the country. The adoption of a new technology would force the restart of several projects and the formation of a new information ecosystem shared.

With Unreal Engine and Unity, developers benefit from a “highly detailed development ecosystem full of out-of-the-box blocks and integrations”, explains the XGP. The first meetings with the Ministry of Digital Development would have started on May 18 and would have had the presence of local game creators and other information technology professionals.

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Even if the development of a new engine is started, other problems may await the Russian community. In addition to specialists being able to refuse to participate in the project, the lack of support from manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD it may mean that the project will still have to face many barriers capable of preventing its viability.


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