Seven more bus lines will have exclusive card payment

As of Saturday of the next week (7/23) seven more bus lines in Curitiba will have exclusive payment by card. The Urbanização de Curitiba (Urbs) informs that the lines circulate in neighborhoods of the regional Boa Vista, Cajuru, Boqueirão, Pinheirinho, Bairro Novo, Portão, CIC, Santa Felicidade and Tatuquara.

They are: 371-Higienópolis; 374-Hugo Lange; 532-Jd.Paranaense; 534-Parigot de Souza; 548-Osternack/S.Cercado; 658-C.Raso/Caiuá; 812-Montana. These lines transport 13,500 people a day and 78% of tickets are already paid for by card.

The fare can be paid by transport card and also by debit and credit cards, as all lines in the capital have this functionality since mid-April. read more here

Considered more practical and safe, the card helps speed up boarding, in addition to reducing the circulation of money in vehicles, which inhibits robberies and robberies. With this migration step, the number of lines that only accept cards as payment goes to 202. Curitiba has 254 bus lines.


Making the first copy of the transport card is free of charge. To make the card, the user must schedule a service through the Urbs website and then go to the units on Rua da Cidadania or Rodoferroviária. Urbs Móvel, an itinerant bus that offers some Urbs services, such as making the first copy of the card, will have operations in the regional areas where these lines run.

how to make the card

Making the card is quick and easy. It is necessary to bring a photo identification document, CPF and proof of address to the place of service. In the case of minors, the card can be requested by the parents or legal guardian, presenting an original identification document with a photo of both. All units and Urbs Móvel work from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays.

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