Thor 4 Scene Is Generating Revolt Among Marvel Fans; see the reason

Playing in theaters around the world, Thor: Love and Thunder has divided public opinion and critics. One scene in particular sparked great anger from Marvel fans and became the target of criticism on social media. Some viewers claim that Disney should have inserted a “trigger warning” about the moment in question.

“After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor is trying to find inner peace. However, the Asgardian is forced back into action and recruits Valkyrie, Korg and Jane Foster to face Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, Thor: Love and Thunder only garnered a 67% critical approval rating. The audience’s rating was a little more generous: 80% of the audience liked the feature.

We reveal below the scene from Thor 4 that has caused a stir among Marvel fans; check it out – and draw your own conclusions.

Marvel Fans Want Trigger Warning In Thor 4 Scene

On social media, Marvel fans claimed that Disney’s failure to include a “trigger warning” in a “graphic” scene of Thor 4 is an “atrocity”.

The moment in question features Jane Foster – Natalie Portman’s character – receiving the diagnosis of her terminal cancer. The plot also shows the heroine undergoing chemotherapy.

For some Marvel fans, Disney should have inserted a trigger warning over the scene. According to them, it can be “painful” for people with cancer or bystanders who have lost loved ones to the disease.

“Thor: Love and Thunder should have included a trigger warning for its graphic characterization of cancer. The fact that we didn’t know this before we started watching the movie is an atrocity,” one Twitter user commented.

In the post, many people agreed with the viewer’s opinion. “People need to know what emotions they are going to feel when they want to have fun at the movies,” commented another netizen.

Some viewers claimed to have “panic” when the film began to address Jane Foster’s cancer.

“Stop spreading false information! There are very delicate scenes and moments that can ‘trigger’ a lot of people. I panicked until I figured out the context!” said another Marvel fan.

This opinion, however, is not a consensus. A good part of the viewers of Thor 4 stated that the reviews are, to say the least, exaggerated.

“Trigger warnings? Is this serious? Can’t people handle a dramatic scene? It’s not like Thor 4 is the first movie to do that,” disagreed another MCU fan.

In some of the posts, netizens rebutted the “requirement” of the trigger warning in Thor 4.

“As a person who has survived cancer, I think this request is completely stupid,” commented another netizen.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now in theaters. The film is set to debut soon on Disney+. Click here to subscribe to the platform.

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