VIDEO: Security camera catches murder of one of the victims of massacre in PR

A security camera installed in a house recorded the murder of one of the eight victims of police officer Fabiano Junior Garcia. In the image it is possible to see the young man walking down the street, when he is approached by the policeman who is inside the white Vectra. (see video at end of article). The crimes took place between Thursday night (14) and Friday morning (15).

From the image, the police officer calls Kaio Felipe Siqueira da Silva, who goes to check what Fabiano requests, when he is surprised by a shot in the head region. With the car, he goes over the victim’s body and then leaves the scene.

At that moment, the policeman had already killed the other family members, however it is not possible to know if he had already murdered Luiz Carlos Becker, the other pedestrian, who was unknown to the soldier. A Military Police team tried to intercept Fabiano, but he stopped the car on the corner of his house and took his own life.

The bodies of the six victims of Toledo and Fabiano were sent to the Legal Medical Institute of the city. The children murdered in Céu Azul went to the Cascavel IML. In the audio sent to the family, Fabiano says that he did not accept his wife’s request for separation.

The case is investigated by the Civil Police.

about crimes

Fabiano Junior Garcia was a soldier of the 19th Battalion of the Military Police of Toledo. According to police, the murders took place after he left duty at seven o’clock at night.

Fabiano lived in a house in the center of the city, with his wife and children. Neighbors thought it was a robbery and that the man was shooting at a bandit

“It was a woman, she was screaming for help, mercy. I didn’t imagine it was a shock for me, it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

unidentified sounding neighbor

Then the policeman went to his mother’s house, in the good hope neighborhood, there he stabbed her to death. His brother, who had special needs, was also shot to death.

According to the police, after killing his mother and brother, Fabiano traveled more than 60 kilometers to the blue sky countryside. there he took the lives of his youngest children, aged four and nine, who spent their holidays at their maternal grandparents’ house. When he returned to Toledo, the policeman reportedly shot at two men walking on the street.

The weapon used in the crime belongs to the corporation. In a note, the PMPR (Military Police of Paraná) reported that the military had no history of psychological problems and worked as a driver for the Unit’s Policing Coordinator.

What does SESP say?

The SESP (Secretariat of Public Security) reported that it had launched an investigation in both cities where the crimes took place (Toledo and Céu Azul). The secretariat regretted what happened and informed that it is giving full support to the victims’ families, see the note:

The Secretary of Public Security regrets the case that took place in Toledo and Céu Azul and informs that the Civil, Military and Scientific Police will spare no effort to determine the motivation of the facts. A police investigation was initiated in the police stations of both cities (Toledo and Céu Azul). Forensics were carried out at the sites and investigation teams continue to collect information and carry out diligence to conclude the case.

In this case, the PRUMOS teams in Foz do Iguaçu and Toledo are already working to support the victims’ families. In addition, a team from the capital will also go to the region to provide all the necessary support.

(video – images provided to the RIC Group)
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