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Despite having dominated the first half of the game against Operário, Sport went down to the break with a goalless draw, despite having sent two to the nets, with defender Rafael Thyere and forward Ray Vanegas. Both canceled for offside. However, it was the second bid that generated the biggest complaint from the red-blacks. Especially after the disclosure of the lines drawn by VAR.

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For Leão fans, the lines do not make clear the offside of the Colombian player. It is worth remembering that the offside was marked by the field referee and maintained after analysis by the video referee.

At Central do Apito, commentator Sandro Meira Ricci disagreed with the decision.

Sport’s offside bid against Operário analyzed by VAR – Photo: Reproduction

– When the red line appears, we are not seeing two lines, we are seeing the blue line and the red line together. This means that when the red line overlaps the blue line, by technology, it means that the attacker is a little further ahead. But the system doesn’t have all that precision, especially with regard to the first moment when the ball was headed – analyzed Meira Ricci.

So I really think it’s a disservice, in my view, for football to nullify (the goal). But let’s make one caveat. As the field decision was to mark the offside, the VAR in this case respected the field decision since the system is showing that the attacker would be a little offside. He did the VAR well then in respect of the field decision – he scored.

Operário-PR x Sport - Best Moments of the 1st Half

Operário-PR x Sport – Best Moments of the 1st Half

Meira Ricci, however, reinforced that the VAR lines are not clear regarding the offside.

This line that was drawn leaves a lot to be desired. But I repeat, the field decision was maintained and the system, the way it is done, points out that the Sport player was a little bit, millimeters ahead and therefore impeded – he concluded.

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