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Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects 2015, Interstellar, from director Christopher Nolan, is one of the most praised sci-fi features of the decade. Following a dystopian future in which Earth’s resources are running out, pilot Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is recruited to scout out possible planets for human habitation. But what if there will be an Interstellar 2? Ask your doubts about it here.

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Alongside Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) and two other engineers, the family man goes on his mission with no expectation of return. Talking about relativity and black holes, at the end of the film, we then discover that the time Cooper spent in space cost his children their entire lives, and the person he was sending him signals not to go on this journey at the beginning of the film was himself.

Interstellar 2 won’t happen?

Unfortunately, the news we have for those who are waiting for the continuation of the long one is not good: Interstellar doesn’t look like it’s really going to get a sequel.

Despite its open ending and rumors about a possible sequel, nothing indicates so far that the Nolan brothers are interested in producing a new part.

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In addition, it is also worth noting that Nolan and all the main actors are currently in other projects, such as the first, which is now working on Oppenheimer, plot about the creation of the atomic bomb.

Original screenplay by Steven Spielberg

In an original script by Jonathan Nolan and direction by Steven Spielberg, parts that complement important moments in the production would have played out differently. Changed by Christopher Nolan after he took over the direction, Murphy originally would not exist, having been replaced by a boy.

A scientific race with China would also be present in Interstellar, as would Coop’s meeting with his great-great-grandson at the end.

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Productions similar to Interstellar

Although Interstellar indicates that it won’t get a sequel in the future, there are several other productions similar to Christopher Nolan’s long. The science fiction film industry is one of the few in which Hollywood never fades from popularity, always trying to reinvent itself.

Below, you can check out some similar productions to the feature, with their respective synopses and trailers.

Aliens landed but ended up exiled to a slum on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. After learning of the mysterious secret of extraterrestrial warfare technology, a lone human is hunted through the strange alleys of the alien slum and discovers what it means to be a complete stranger on your own planet.

When mysterious spaceships land across the world, an elite team, led by linguist Louise Banks, is assembled to investigate. As humanity teeters on the brink of a war between planets, Banks and her team race against time to find answers.

The Robinson family is part of a well-trained mission to establish a colony in space, but an unexpected detour throws them onto an unknown planet.Show less

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