Apple ends partnership with iPhone designer after 30 years

In June 2019 we publish here that the design director of apple, Jony Ive, was leaving the company. At the time, the news was surprising. First, because the designer had been with the company for over 27 years. Second, because he had thought about designing iconic products like Macs, iPods and iPhones. So a good part of what Apple was was also due to Jony Ive.

But every cycle comes to an end. Ive left Apple and opened his own design company, LoveFrom. Although he was no longer working at Apple, LoveFrom entered into a partnership with Apple and, in a way, Jony Ive continued working for the company founded by Steve Jobs and now run by Tim Cook.

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But this week, the newspaper The New York Times reported that the partnership between Apple and LoveFrom had come to an end. That is, after 30 years of work, either as an employee or as a consultant, Jony Ive finally leaves Apple completely. And until very recently Tim Cook said publicly that he would like to work with Jony Ive for a long time, evolving the relationship between the companies.

In recent weeks, the two companies met to discuss a contract renewal. But both parties agreed not to renew the consultancy contract. Some company executives were questioning the amount being paid to Jony Ive. Still others were upset that LoveFrom was hiring former Apple employees. In other words, the weather was no longer cool.

Finally, what really soured the soup was that Jony Ive wanted to have complete freedom to do business with other companies without needing Apple’s authorization. In this case, the best thing is to end the partnership and each go their own way as they see fit.

Apple continues to rely on Jeff Williams as director of operations and supervisor of the design teams. By the way, they are part of the design teams Evans Hankey as head of industrial design and Alan Dye as head of software design. Furthermore, Greg Joswiakwho is senior vice president of marketing, also plays an important role in defining and choosing the products that hit stores.

Jony Ive’s company, in turn, will continue to work with high-end companies such as Airbnb and Ferrari.

Source: The Verge

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