Cat travels by plane with owners

On June 24th, a kitten was traveling with her owners when something terrifying happened.

The four-year-old cat named Rowdy was missing for three weeks and was found last Wednesday, the 13th, by airport officials. Somehow she escaped from the carrier in the plane’s cargo hold and got lost at Boston International Airport.

“She was captured at a station they set up for her,” Rowdy’s guardian Patty Nolet Sahli said in a post. “They were seeing her multiple times in a certain area, so they knew she was in the area. The airport staff and everyone involved helped us a lot with the effort.”

Rowdy’s family arrived in Boston after a military assignment in Germany. And when they went to pick her up at the indicated location at the airport, they were informed that the feline had fled, leaving them terrified.

Patty’s first action was to publish the cat’s disappearance on social media, in the hope that someone would know her whereabouts.

“The airline lost my beloved cat at the Boston airport,” Sahli previously wrote. “I’m sick with worry.”

A large search team was formed to find her including airport staff and animal volunteers. And to capture it, they used: cameras, safe release traps and a tracker provided by the airline.

“They set traps with food, water and my clothes in the basement where they believed she ran,” Sahli wrote. “We are also sending voice recordings of the family. We also have their favorite things being put in the cages.”

It was agonizing days for the family until they finally found her.

“She is completely happy and will be returned to us soon,” Sahli wrote in an update.

Luckily this story had a happy ending!

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