New adaptation of Jane Austen’s book debuts on Netflix

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One of the greatest novelists of all time, the English writer Jane Austen portrayed the society of his time like few others. Born in 1775, she would publish her first work, “Reason and Sensibility”, in 1808. In 1813, she would release one of the most acclaimed works to date, “Pride and Prejudice”. To this day, the author with an unknown face shakes literature as well as cinema.

Raised in a rural family, Jane Austen grew up surrounded by books. Her works were in the romance genre and were written under the pseudonym “A Senhora”. She wrote about ordinary people, middle and upper classes, but mostly women. These women who wanted to be treated as equals in a time strongly marked by patriarchal relationships, arranged marriages and with lives focused only on the domestic function.

His books spanned two centuries and still bring inspiration. No wonder, much of his writings continues to be published and adapted for film and television. The newest feature, “Persuasion”, is scheduled for release in July, and is being eagerly awaited by the author’s fans.

Check out a list of productions based on her life and work:

Reason and sensibility

The film brings the story of sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, played by Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, in the 1995 adapted work, directed by Ang Lee. The work portrays the search for love by two completely different women. One is vivid and sensitive, while the other is reclusive and socially repressed. Both, however, need to break with the status quo and finding conjugal love in an economically fractured and hopeless English society.

Pride and Prejudice

In this 2005 adaptation, we see Keira Knightley playing one of the Bennet sisters. In it, Elizabeth Bennet gets close to wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy, and shows how hostility can turn into love. Elizabeth’s pride, which gives the book its name, sets the tone for the story. She wants to be much more than just a rich man’s wife, but Darcy’s character eventually wins the girl’s heart.


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This work won a recent film version, with Anya Taylor-Joy starring in the plot. It is the story of a rich and beautiful young woman, who despite not wanting to get married, loves to create relationships for others, which causes a lot of problems.

mansfield park

From 1999, the work called “Palácio das Ilusões” in Brazil is a critique of the prejudice of 18th century society. Young Fanny is adopted by wealthy relatives who despise her. As an adult, she becomes attractive and talented for literature. When a good catch appears, she soon despises him, shocking the family.

Love and Innocence

2007’s has Anne Hathaway playing Jane Austen herself and her alleged romance with attorney Thomas Lefroy, going against her family’s wishes. It is a clipping of the author’s youthful life.


The film based on the author’s latest book, is ready to debut on Netflix. The new feature will star Dakota Johnson, and is scheduled for release in July. In it, the protagonist Anne Elliot, played by Dakota, is led to break off her engagement with a lieutenant in the English Navy, played by actor Cosmo Jarvis, because the boy was not rich enough by the standards of the time. Years later, they meet again, and it remains to be seen if the boy, who made his fortune during the war, is willing to have a new chance with Anne.

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The film also has a large cast and already has a trailer available. In addition, it brings well the fun and taciturn mood of Jane Austen’s works. It is a film for lovers of literature, cinema, students from the most diverse areas who research their works, undergraduate or online graduatefind no defect.

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