Roger Flores: ‘Botafogo got where it needed to go in the Copa do Brasil. You have to worry about making Brazilians calm’

deleted from Brazil’s Cupwith defeats by 3 to 0 and 2 to 0 for the America-MGO Botafogo went to his limits in the competition. This is the commentator’s opinion Roger Floresin the “SporTV Selection”.

– Botafogo got where it needed to go, they are not among the top eight, they have to worry about making a Brazilian championship quiet, safe, don’t download too much from the place you are. The fan has to embrace it so as not to suffocate and not, God forbid, fall apart, otherwise the project that is starting for the next years will end – declared Roger.

the commentator Henrique Fernandes believes that Botafogo could have obtained a better result against América-MG at Nilton Santos.

– I don’t think the team played badly, it produced, Cavichioli had to make saves, three of them very difficult. Botafogo might even have achieved the result yesterday. He had the possibility of going through América-MG in the Copa do Brasil, but in the first game he was down. I don’t see that they are the best eight, because they have crosses. I was surprised (positively) with 13,000 fans in the stadium. Easier to learn to win games at home, with confidence, turns the key. Botafogo fans just want a spark, yesterday if they won 2-0 they would leave satisfied and fill Sunday – he opined.

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