Cat adopts orphaned litter after hearing newborns cry and emotional story

Cotillion is a cat who had just given birth and was living the life of her dreams after being taken to the home of a volunteer at a shelter in San Bernardino, California, United States. But that didn’t stop her from adopting an orphaned litter of her own free will.

Two weeks after Cotillion had given birth, caregiver Jamie Gothro received a call from the San Diego Humane Society about 4 orphaned newborns in need of a mom.

Jamie agreed to help, but was afraid that Cotillion would reject the puppies, so she kept her in a separate room from the babies, to introduce them calmly. But Jamie was surprised by the attitude the cat had when she first saw them.

While in the separate room, Cotillion heard the babies crying with hunger and went in search of them, once he had located them, he began to nurse the newcomers along with his own babies.

“It was a blessing for the four bonus babies, who were lucky enough to be raised by a cat rather than strictly a human. I think that makes the kittens well-adjusted cats.”

Once all the puppies are weaned they will be put up for adoption. As well as Cotillion, who will be able to rest and gain a family that dedicates love and affection only to her.

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