Rayssa Leal wins dispute with Japanese in the Street League in the last maneuver – 07/17/2022

The star of “Fadinha” returned to shine this Sunday (17) and crowned the performance of the Brazilian skater Rayssa Leal, 14, with the victory in the Street League, in the stage of Jacksonville, Florida (USA), but raised controversy with an unprecedented punishment for Brazilian Pâmela Rosa, who took third place.

“I want to thank my parents, and my brother Arthur, I miss him very much, and this award is for him”, declared the champion at the end of the stage in Portuguese to the American reporter.

Always smiling, Rayssa managed – as usual, the improbable, when she hit the last maneuver, last of the afternoon, a heel flip rock slide and got just the 7.6 note, which she needed to beat the Japanese Yumeka Oda.

Oda even made a very important mark by achieving the highest score in the history of the Street League in the women’s category by hitting a front flip feeble that earned him a 9.4, an unprecedented score among women, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Rayssa.

Olympic champion Momiji Nishiya was fourth, and Gabriela Mazetto seventh.

Pâmela Rosa suffers unprecedented punishment and challenges the validity

The big controversy, however, was a punishment – also unprecedented – for the Brazilian Pamela Rosa in the first maneuver performed – an ollie board with a perfect front – which deserved a grade above 8.0, but which took a zero.

This is because, according to the organizers, by the new rules of the Street League, the skater cannot repeat the same maneuver in the same place where he started the previous phase (of lines).

Pâmela contested and said that she had made a feeble grind in the previous phase, but did not convince the judges, who were widely booed by the audience with this unexpected attitude.

The punishment clearly shook Pamela, who missed the next maneuver, but managed to score a 6.0 in the sequence with a Smith Grind from back, enough to place her among the final four of the Super Final, with Rayssa Leal, Yumeka Oda and Momiji Nishyia.

After this victory, Rayssa takes the lead in the Super Crown title race, which will be held on November 5th and 6th at Arena Rio 1, in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro.

But first, she will have to show service in the American stages leading up to the grand finale, with events on August 13 and 14 in Seattle and October 8 and 9 in Las Vegas.

From Florida, Rayssa will continue for the time being in the United States where next week she competes at the X-Games in Los Angeles, and the following week on the Dew Tour in Iowa.

Check out the final classification of the women’s stage of Jacksonville, of the Street League:

1 – Rayssa Leal (BRA)

2 – Yumeka Oda (JPN)

2 – Pamela Rosa (BRA)

4 – Momiky Nishiya (JPN)

5 – Roos Zwetsloot (HOL)

6 – Poe Pinson (USA)

7 – Gabriela Mazetto (BRA)

8 – Aori Nishimura (JPN)

In the men’s, Yuto Horigome takes the best on a rainy day with notes above 9 points

In an exciting competition filled with scores above 9 points (9 Club), Japanese skater Yuto Horigome managed to overcome everyone with an incredible performance and became champion of the Street League stage this Sunday, in Jacksonville, Florida, finishing with 27 .8 points.

Yuto’s main achievement was overcoming his compatriot Sora Shirai, who had an impeccable participation in the final stage with scores of 9.1 and 9.2 and entered the maneuver phase with a 9.6 (highest score in the competition) – a caballerial switch stance tail slide backside – and a score of 9.0, before trying to risk even more complex maneuvers but fell in both attempts, and reached the mark of 27.8 points.

Yuto took advantage of this moment and scored a 9.5, which managed to beat Shirai and reached 28.1 points out of a possible total of 30 points.

The top four placed then went to the Super Final, but with two consecutive mistakes by Shirai at this stage, Horigome secured the title, one of the most disputed in recent times.

The Portuguese Gustavo Ribeiro surprised and took third, with the French Vincent Milou in fourth, and the American Nyjah Huston in fifth.

The Brazilian Felipe Gustavo finished in eighth position.

The final score was as follows:

  1. 1. Yuto Horigome (JPN) – 28.1
  2. 2. Sora Shirai (JPN) – 27.8
  3. 3. Gustavo Ribeiro (POR) – 27.1
  4. 4. Vincent Milou (FRA) – 23.7
  5. 5. Nyjah Huston (USA) – 18.3
  6. 6. Dashaw Jordan (USA) – 17.8
  7. 7. Shane O’Neill (AUS) – 16.0
  8. 8. Felipe Gustavo (BRA) – 8.9

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