After the court’s decision, ‘Fantástico’ promises to reveal new information about Luva de Pedreiro and Allan Jesus

TV Globo’s “Fantástico”, confirmed on Saturday night that it will show new details of the controversy involving the influencer. Glove de Pedreiro, and Allan Jesus, his former manager. The court overturned the decision that prohibited the program from revealing information about the dispute between the two.

+ Understand the conflict between the influencer and the entrepreneur Allan Jesus

In one of the excerpts of the interview, which was published in the preview of this Sunday’s program, Iran Ferreira appears questioning about the value of the fine of his contract (R$ 5 million). The young man says that he was not aware of this information.

+ Allan Jesus rebuts questions from Casimiro about Glova de Pedreiro

Soon after, Allan Jesus appears responding to a reporter from the station stating that at no time was this termination value questioned.

The troubled relationship of Luva and Allan Jesus became a highlight of social networks in recent weeks. The friction between the two made the influencer break the partnership with a businessman and look for the former futsal player Falcão.

Since he started managing Luva’s career, Falcão promises to defend the 20-year-old’s interests. Considered one of the greatest futsal players of all time, Falcão has already revealed that he intends to help the influencer reap the rewards of all the success he has been achieving in recent months.

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