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The operation called 404 managed to take down a new wave of illegal content on the internet in June. The effort made by the Brazilian police with the help of the anti-piracy company Nagra has shown results. Between 2019 and 2022, a total of 1,022 websites and 720 pirated apps went down, all with a focus on repressing crimes against intellectual property on the internet.

Pirated products (Image: Peter Dutton/Flickr)
Piracy (Image: Peter Dutton/Flickr)

So far, four editions of Operation 404 have taken place. They unite the Brazilian government, entertainment industry groups and partners. That is, every year, websites and applications with piracy purposes fall under the action of the authorities:

  • In 2019, there were 210 websites and 100 apps;
  • In 2020, 252 websites and 65 apps;
  • In 2021, 334 websites and 94 apps;
  • In the fourth edition, in 2022, 226 websites and 461 pirated apps were taken down.

The most recent run took place in June, in which searches were done even in the metaverse. According to the federal police, “four channels that carried out illegal transmissions of content and 90 videos taken off the air were deactivated”.

Interestingly, criminals use the names of famous artists such as Alok, Xande Aviões, Marília Mendonça and Aline Barros. Thus, these apps and services are able to capture users’ personal and banking information.

On the other hand, the public still doesn’t seem very convinced of the piracy problems, this is presented more clearly in the technoblog.

Anti-piracy company was important in the Operation

The anti-piracy company Nagra, in partnership with the organization Alianza, stated that it has a large share in Operation 404. Likewise, it managed to take down 300 piracy apps between September 2019 and August 2020. In addition, its efforts dismantled 593 services. of pirated IPTV between September 2020 and August 2021.

This “little help” also took down nearly 9,500 pirated IPTV playlists between September 2019 and August 2021.

With so many apps dropping, users’ trust ends up giving that shudder. For example, the app called Cuevana 3 has been removed from APKCombo thanks to a complaint. It had over 1 million downloads.

The developer has consequently released new versions such as “Plus” and “Pro”, but it is more difficult to achieve the success of the past if it does not have the “1M+ download” symbol. This reduces people’s trust.

In other words, with Operation 404 and the watchful eye of organizations like Nagra and Alianza, this could become a recurring thing, disrupting pirated apps.

With information: Torrent Freak.

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