Reporter criticizes expert for warning: ‘Precursor of doom’

The presenter Bev Turner, of the British channel GB News, was upset with the meteorologist John Hammond, after the specialist issued a warning about the possibility of “several deaths” in the United Kingdom caused by the strong heat wave that hits some European countries.

Live on “GBN News”, Bev received Hammond, who initially pointed to the fact that, although the temperature will be pleasant on that occasion, the thermometers will rise to the 40s, something unheard of for the British. The anchor, in turn, criticized weather experts for being “harbingers of doom”.

“There could be hundreds, maybe thousands of deaths in the next week,” said John, referring to this scenario as “scary” and “potentially lethal for a few days.” “It will all be brief but it will be brutal so you know…” he continued until he was interrupted by Bev.

“So John, I want us to be happy with the weather and I don’t know if something happened to the meteorologists to make them a little bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom,” she said. “All broadcasts, especially on the BBC, whenever I call [a TV] someone is talking about the weather and saying that there will be fatalities.”

John Hammond took up the floor again, focused on the seriousness of the problem and pointed to an increasing number of catastrophic records caused by climate change.

“We are witnessing more and more, with greater frequency and severity [as mudanças climáticas] and yes, some people will always remember the summer of 1976, which was a bizarre event that took place over 40 years ago. But the heat waves are becoming more extreme, this is another one coming our way.” the UK “is not prepared” for temperatures in the 40s.

The episode reverberated on social media with criticism of the stance adopted by Bev Turner, who came to compare herself to the presenters of the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up”. In the fictional work, journalists ignore warnings issued by scientists Dr. Randall Mindy [Leonardo Di Caprio] and Kate Dibiasky [Jennifer Lawrence] that a meteor will destroy the Earth.

The GB News channel debuted in the United Kingdom last year and maintains an editorial stance aligned with the Conservative Party, in addition to being recognized for its exacerbated pride and adopting a stance linked to politically incorrect. In Britain, the station is nicknamed “British Fox News”.

heat in europe

The British weather forecast services launched, for the first time in history, an “extreme heat” alert for this Monday (18) and Tuesday (19). Temperatures in England can exceed 40°C and the government is accused of not taking the situation seriously.

“Red alert” and “risk to life” were the terms used by the Met Office, the British meteorological agency, to warn the population of what lies ahead this early week.

The excessive heat that reaches the United Kingdom has been common in Europe and countries like Portugal and Spain have registered temperatures of up to 46 degrees.

In some European countries, intense heat has caused forest fires — in France, for example, the fire destroyed 13,000 hectares. The devastating fires also hit Portugal and Spain hard, causing the evacuation of residents and deaths.

“I mean that evidently the heat kills. It kills people, for our ecosystem, for biodiversity. And it destroys the most precious goods of our society, which are affected by these fires: houses, businesses, farm animals”, said the Prime Minister of Spain. , Pedro Sanchez, when commenting on forest fires in the northwest of the country that left at least two dead.

*With information from BBC and RFI

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