After hitting a show in Cuiabá, rapper is investigated for trafficking

Three days after having the show in Cuiabá interrupted by an operation Military police, and calling it “persecution”, rapper Filipe Ret, 37, was targeted this Tuesday (19) in another operation in Rio de Janeiro. This time, the Civil Police investigate the distribution of marijuana cigarettes by the singer during his birthday.

In the capital of Mato Grosso, the event “É o Trap é o Funk”, took place last Saturday (16), at the Acrimat exhibition park. Due to the interference of the Military Police, part of the attractions scheduled for the night were unable to perform.

According to information from the PM, “Operation Integra Sonora” was in progress, which fights the disturbance of peace, that is, events that have sound above the allowed. The military would have received several complaints in the region.

The singer used his social media to expose and complain about the situation. “I still don’t know why so many police officers showed up acting so invasively. […] You can’t help but think about persecution,” he said.

The action this Tuesday, was coordinated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, and investigates the distribution, by the singer, of marijuana cigarettes on June 23.

Images of him with a bucket full of narcotics were released by the singer himself on his social networks.

Five addresses linked to Ret were inspected by the Police early in the morning.

According to delegate Marcos Amim, from the DRE (Delegation for Repression of Narcotics), at first the party guests will not be summoned as witnesses.

On the day of the event, names like Pedro Scooby, Ronaldo Nazário and surfer Ítalo Ferreira were photographed with the rapper.

Ret has not yet expressed himself on his social media.

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