Father sells his own daughter to buy cell phone in Bolivia

posted on 07/19/2022 10:35

(credit: Pixnio/Reproduction)

A man was arrested for selling his own newborn daughter, for the equivalent of R$1,500, in order to buy a cell phone in Bolivia. The child was delivered to the buyer, but was rescued by the police.

According to the portal Rich More, the baby was announced in a WhatsApp group. Faustino Colque Mollo, 23, the child’s father, and Carmen Condori, 60, the woman who bought the baby, were arrested.

According to police, the man had even asked his girlfriend to have an abortion when he learned of the pregnancy. With her refusal, he decided to sell the baby.

The newborn’s mother still tried to buy the baby back when she learned of the sale, but the woman demanded double the amount to return the child.

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