Google and Oracle data centers are being crippled by heatwave in Europe

Companies were forced to shut down services to avoid overheating their structures

The recent heat wave witnessed by European countries is directly harming the cloud activities offered by companies such as Google and Oracle. Some data centers of both companies are not being able to handle the high temperatures, which causes them to stop working properly.

According to The Register, Oracle was forced to shut down part of its infrastructure to avoid permanent damage to it, something that directly affected its service offering. The situation is also affecting Google, which has witnessed a above average error ratelatency increases and the unavailability of some of your systems.

Both questions are related to the breakdown of cooling systems used by the company’s servers in different UK locations. This week the country recorded the highest temperature in its history in the town of Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, where the thermometers reached 40.3°C.

Companies work to minimize problems

In a statement published on its official website, Oracle stated that it has already directed teams to deal with the problems and believes they should be corrected within the next few hours. According to her, the return to operation of its cooling systems is being accompanied by the recovery of its cloud services.

Google disclosed that it is taking similar actions and clarified that was forced to shut down part of its systems to avoid damage. “We are working to restore redundancy to any replicated Persistent Disk system,” the company said in a statement.

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Valve warns that Steam Deck may shut down if used in very high temperatures

Valve warns that Steam Deck may shut down if used in very high temperatures
The company recommends that the device not be used in ambient temperatures above 35°C.

According to Bloomberg, many companies have started to spray their cooling units with water as a way of dealing with the high temperatures registered on the European continent. The heat wave also motivated companies such as valve and the Nintendo to issue notices warning consumers that it is not recommended to play their laptops in environments with temperatures above 35°C.


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Source: PC Gamer, The Register

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