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Google's augmented reality glasses prototype (Photo: Playback/Google)

Google’s augmented reality glasses prototype (Photo: Playback/Google)

Google announced on Tuesday that it plans to begin testing prototype augmented reality glasses in the real world as early as next month. At this first moment, the company should start testing on a small scale, with equipment that takes a camera, microphone and monitors in the lens.

+ Google introduces smart glasses that translate conversations in real time

Big Tech said the trials will be conducted by a select group of people in specific areas of the United States. The goal is to understand how audio sensing functions, for speech transcription and translation, and visual sensing, which uses image data for text translation and positioning during navigation, work in real life, outside the labs.

The so-called Googlers, people selected for the tests, however, will have limited activities. “Our AR prototypes do not support photography and video recording, although image data is used to enable experiences such as translating the menu in front of you or showing directions to a nearby cafe, for example.”

Also according to the brand, other people will know they are close to someone with a prototype because an LED indicator lights up whenever the glasses save images. Testers are still banned from capturing images in schools, public buildings, hospitals and churches. The same goes for driving, with the professional being prohibited from using the equipment while in traffic or practicing extreme sports.

“It’s early days and we want to get it right, so we’re taking it slow, with a strong focus on ensuring the privacy of testers and those around them,” wrote Juston Payne, product manager. “As we continue to explore and learn what’s possible with augmented reality, we look forward to sharing more updates.”

This isn’t the first time Google has launched a device for the face. In 2013, the company even launched the Glass, a more intimate device that was not so successful, so it was discontinued shortly afterwards.

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