Intel Arc GPU drivers are not supported for mining

Will they remain shielded like this?

The Intel Arc A380 graphics card has already been officially launched, at least in China, and the first official reviews are on the internet. Performance aside, the GPU is protected from the evil that has plagued video cards recently: mining. This happens because the driver for Intel Arc GPUs does not support mining programs.

the called miner DjMines said on Twitter who has an Arc A380 but can’t mine due to lack of driver support and this is good news for the PC Gamer community, even if the first generation of Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs still hasn’t delivered what many expected.

“Well, we managed to get the Intel GPU driver to work fine, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to support any mining programs for Intel GPUs at the moment. I’ve tried NiceHashMining, trex miner, lolminer, teamreeminer (all on Windows). we have to wait (for the Hive mining system),” the miner said.

Arc A380 reviews have not been positive

The Arc A380 GPU isn’t exactly Intel’s best SKU to use in mining. The graphics card is based on the ACM-G11 GPU, aimed at the entry-level segment of the Alchemist lineup, and has 8 Xe cores with 1024 FP 32 cores, 8 units for ray tracing acceleration, 6 GB GDDR6 at 15.5 Gbps and a 96-bit interface, delivering 186 GB/s. The GPU has a base clock of 2000 MHz and a TDP of 75 W.

Speaking of technical specifications, the first reviews are now available. Well, the entry-level graphics card hasn’t surprised anyone, that’s the truth. The German website ComputerBase said that the fan control doesn’t work, using the GPU without activating ReBar makes the card “unplayable”, driver overlay blocks the screen, among other “little things”.

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Another German, Igor’s Lab, gave his verdict and did not approve of the Arc A380. As with ComputerBase, Igor also said that it is difficult to use the GPU without ReBar. In addition, he says that the model he received (from Gunnir, the only manufacturer at the moment) came with a poorly made assembly with excess thermal paste.

The entry-level graphics card came to fight with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and AMD Radeon RX 6400, but even though they are very weak cards, the A380 has struggled.


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